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Alright, I need friends. No not like that, I mean I need origin friends for SimCity and stuff. So anyone who's actually enjoying SimCity post your origin names here. That way we can form a Gamespot network of City builders and maybe create a few regions or whatever. Add me. gutkin. Sorry for the slightly confusing post, I'm tired :P.
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yes I need friends to play with, I have a 16 lot Region, City on EU West 4, with mass transit and all utilities. Orgin name 17NFS17
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I sent you a friend request since I need a friend for my region. My server is also in West Europe 4
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And for anyone else who wants to add me as a friend, my user name is still DaThirteenthX
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Anyone who wants to play add me, invite me to your cities LosSahraine
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im on europe west 1 PhoenixRising20 add me im bored playing on my own ! lol
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Add me please... I am online most of the time - thehitechpanky
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xiLeShadow Please make a region server in the 3 or 4 servers. Everyone loves to hog 1 and 2, so 3 and 4 are best.
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added u mate
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Hit me up at Taehls on simcity Right now on North America West 3 join plz?
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mvtowns ...please add
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feel free to add me, names Gokuja. Would be happy to play some more simcity
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Add me authorkid. I'm kind of new to the game, so be warned! Lol
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Yall can add gladestone..m either playing on kozzys server or east coast 2..Think his is euro west 2 not sure lol..