Should I get an Xbox One controller or 360?

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I'm wondering about the compatibility with the One controller. Can I play previous 360 controller supported games with it, or will it only work with future titles?

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I have an Xbox One controller and it works with everything that worked with a 360 controller. IMO its a lot more comfortable then the 360 one so I say go for that one.

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I like 360 controller more but its bad for fighting games, d-pad is so inaccurate. For everything else it works nice but i had few driver problems

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Well the 360 controller is far cheaper, unless you get an x1 pad very cheap I'd go with a 360 controller

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Buy a PS3 controller. Its great fun to use on the computer.

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@biggest_loser said:

Buy a PS3 controller. Its great fun to use on the computer.

I use the PS4 controller on my PC. It's by far my favorite all-purpose controller. Microsoft never got the D-pad right, even on the XB1 controller (IMO). I have difficulty playing Street Fighter games (which is the fighting game I'm best at) on any Microsoft controller because the D-Pads are all awful.

If I had to just buy a controller now, I'd just get a PS3 or 360 one. Either are cheap and more than sufficient for the job. PS3 controller comes with a very lengthy rechargeable battery. It also gives you the option between playing wired and wireless, and works with most Bluetooth adapters.

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For now i'd just get a 360 controller as they can be picked up for cheap - plus to my knowledge the XB1 hasn't had an official driver release for PC to allow it to work wirelessly.

Note: you'd need the wireless receiver to use the 360 controller on your PC.