Shadow of the tom raider load times question

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So how long are the load times for you, when you get the menu screen and you click continue you get the screen with the sun and jungle and its loading into the game how long is it for you, also please state if you have a HDD or SSD thanks.

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@jon1992: It is going to vary based on which level you are loading and what game settings you have selected (bigger textures and more complex environments take longer). Anyway, I loaded up the Peruvian Jungle area with max settings (including RTX shadows) and it took 19 seconds with my SSD. Keep in mind that the speed of your CPU will be a factor also.

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Load times were average from what I can remember around 20 seconds with my ssd.

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My game never loads! How's that? hahaha (silently crying inside)

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@BassMan: 20 secs isn't bad, i can't say i have everything maxed as my spec's don't allow that but for me it's like 60 secs to get into any level. Theirs also the odd freezing for 5 secs and resuming. Probably has to do with me not having a SSD. I want to get a SSD and hope it speeds up my games but if it don't its gonna suck.

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@jon1992: SSD is definitely worth it if you want to speed up your load times. I have all my games installed on SSD.