Searching for good PC single player games

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#1 Posted by ShadowRun02 (72 posts) -

like the title says, im looking for a good sp game.

I have dishonored, and it's amazing! but it feels too much like a port. is there any PC game out there that has a good SP campaign and doesn't need a gamepad to play?

To be more accurate - is there any great PC exclusive single player game?

(And don't you throw bioshock or HL2 here, i already played both)

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#2 Posted by koospetoors (3658 posts) -
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (highly recommend this one, its got some of the most amusing writing I've ever seen in a game) The Penumbra series (got a decent story to it) Anachronox (funniest game I've ever played) Planescape: Torment (best.story.ever) The Witcher series (second one isn't PC exclusive but its definitely not a port) Unreal 2
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thank you, ill try them. (i didn't like the witcher series though, dunno why. maybe its just because my computer can only run it in the lowest graphics so the world loses it's colors and the characters lost all character)