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Seal Online is a 3D MMORPG with fairy-tale like graphics and humorous story. You can choose to be a Knight, Warrior, Mage, or even a ****you won't find in any other games, a Jester.
In the beginning, there was nothing in the world. Darkness and Light, materials of all composition?- these were all created from null. Only the abyss ground was left after the destruction of the world. At first, Malkuth fished out explosives from the Sea of Fire and hurled it across the sky. They filled the sky as stars and the largest amongst them became the Sun. The Sun didn't stop burning until it incinerated everything Next, Yesod provided the foundation by flooding the world with water and thereby dousing the flames. On the third day, Hod created the continents by forming the lands using soil. Mountainous valleys were no longer seen. Dean of Strength erected the Pillars of Steel on the fourth day.

The game uses cartoon graphics. The characters are kinda chibi, but their heads are at least proportional to their bodies. The environments are nice, and the game even cycles through night and day every so often.
Can't say much factual stuff about graphics either. The graphics have 3 modes, cartoon, outline, and 3D. Really, the graphics are nice. I think they're nice at least. For cartoony graphics, they were drawn well. If you don't like cartoony graphics then well, nothing I can do to change that.

PvP is available in Seal Online. Beat the crap out of other players for fun! Be aware that this ability is only available for level 30+ players.
PvP is PvP really. You fight other people using whatever the game provides you with.

Knight, Warrior, Mage, Craftsman, Priest and Jester!
In order to choose a **** you need to be a beginner, and at level 10 or above.

Beginner - Your everyday average starting character with no real special skills and attributes.
Warrior - The one on one master. Warriors deal the most consistant damage to single monsters, have the longest combo chain in the game, and have the 2nd best defense.
Knight - The AoE master. Knights are the best AoE fighters simply because they have powerful AoE skills and defense that is second to none, so they can take the most hits.
Craftsman - The creation master. Craftsmen are the only ones capable of creating equipment beyond the G rank. It is said that they level slowly, but in order to get the best possible equipment in the game, this ****is necessary.
Wizard - The magic **** Wizards have both single attacks, AoE attacks, and can use the fire and ice elements. They are inferior to knights in AoE because their defense is low.
Priest - The healer **** They level quite slowly, but they are absolutely necessary in parties at higher levels.
Jester - The clown that wields a dagger. The jester uses a dagger as his weapon of choice and can even throw it for long range damage. It is very costly to make a powerful jester.

Pretty much all quests in Seal Online are collection quests. You go beat up monsters, take the loot, and bring it back for some money, exp, and fame. As your fame goes up, the difficulty of the quests increase, requiring you to go after harder monsters.



Official Website:seal online