Say bye bye to Windows 7 cause next year, it's lights out!

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Okay maybe not entirely but anyways, this news comes from Guru3D: MS begins notifying users about ending Windows 7 support and will end support in January 14, 2020. Good news is, you'll still be able to use Windows 7 but will not get any updates. Time to switch Windows 10 if you haven't already.

As soon as Windows 10 came into the fray, I upgrade and never ever look back at Windows 7. I'm just more surprise Windows 7 lasted this very long.

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Probably the most loved version of Windows. Windows 8 being so shit made people love 7 more.

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True dat. Windows 7 is probably my favorite OS, followed closely by windows XP.

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It's time. Never wanted to move on, 7 was fine. But really, my daily experience with 10 is almost identical. A few things I've complained about but from a gaming perspective it's fine

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Gonna use windows 7 even without updates. I have windows 10 installed on another partition but I just don't like all the big updates and its failures running some of my old games.

There are actually extended updates for companies with corporate licenses. Its likely someone will find a way to release those and that'll give us windows 7 heroes another 2-3 years.

I hope the newer Ryzen motherboards support windows 7 still. I still use an intel 4770k, but thinking of changing if Zen 2 cpus if they are decent- which come out midway through this year i think.

Another PC i have around here from the original Ryzen had motherboard chipset/usb drivers for windows 7 and worked perfectly, can't say the same for those dogs at intel, they don't have any driver support on their chipsets from the last couple cpu gens.

At least you can almost get windows 10's start menu looking like windows 7 using a program called "Open-Shell-Menu". Its basically just a continuation from the 'Classic Shell' program that was used to fix the terrible Windows 8 start menu. I even use Classic Shell with windows 7 because it lets you customize it very easily, great program.

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windows 7 was a good, but i like vista more

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@davillain-: Some people still use XP, support or not, people don't care about support, only IT people do.

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Still will use win7 until no new games are supported by it I'm not concerned about security issues I got all the programs I need for that.

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Win 98 will be my favorite, though you could argue Win XP was just Win 98 but better, so I guess I like Win XP, too.

Windows 7 was pretty slick as well. I am happy with Windows 10, though, can't complain.

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I was against it but considered, then I setup my Dad's friend's office, and he had bought Windows 10 for it, and realized I liked it. I got myself, and got over it 6 months later, and ever since feels weird how badly I fought against it.

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I've been using it for about two and a half years now and it's been pretty great for me. Windows 7 was pretty good though, especially compared to windows 8.

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windows 10 is fine. the way it manages updates is annoying and its a bit bloated but its generally a stable and solid OS. they made a lot of improvements under the hood going from 7 to 8.1 and refined it more going from 8.1 to 10. so 10 is more like 7s UI with 8.1s under the hood upgrades. faster booting and such like.

just be sure to go through it after install to turn off/uninstall as much crap as possible.

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I think I want XP instead of 7.

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I'm still using Windows 7 on my current rig. And it's the same copy/cd-key I've had for almost 10 years, migrated from a trashed laptop through two desktops now. Can't imagine ending updates is going to change much for me, as I haven't allowed it to install updates for a couple years already.

I'll update to 10 on the next system, I suppose. If modern games are requiring it by then.

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Windows xp was great, still have a few PCs around the workplace still deployed on xp that are running older CNC machines...our workstations are 80% windows 10 and 20% windows 7 now in 2019

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@Yams1980 said:

Gonna use windows 7 even without updates.

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@PredatorRules said:

@davillain-: Some people still use XP, support or not, people don't care about support, only IT people do.

This ^^

On the one only rig i have running W10, updates are deactivated from the start!!!

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At this point I'd go with Linux over Windows 7. Probably better support for graphics drivers too.

Windows 7 is old and as such is not the focus of modern software development. Not to mention all the security issues that will go unfixed.

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Just take Windows 8 behind the shed and kill it, Windows 7 was such a good OS, it was with pain in my heart that I moved over to Windows 10.