Say bye bye to none gaming video on Steam cause Valve is making it a gaming distribution platform!

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(PC Gamer: Steam is getting rid of all its non-gaming videos)

To be honest, I personally forgotten Steam sells movies on that platform. I think for a short while they wanted to be Netflix, but I don't think that worked out for them very well so now they're giving it up which makes sense cause Steam is a gaming platform store anyways. When it comes to buying movies, I still buy Blu-Ray+Digital combo anyways.

Also Steam, I want to say thank you for introducing me to Beach Volleyball Detectives and will purchase this now......for Science of course. I'm a PC gaming Scientist after all ;)

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Yeah I never paid attention to these items either

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Oh no!!! now I can't watch movies on my Steam box.... said no one ever.

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That's fine, Steam is for games, community, mods, and a whole lot of other things.

Seemed like they sort of gave it a half-assed effort, too, but hey whatever; nothing ventured, nothing gained :P

Waiting for people to take this out of context, though "It is probably Epic store taking money away from the titan Steam!" et cetera

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The movie stuff is garbage, but Steam has a fair bit of really good tutorial stuff for art, including 3D modeling.

Deffo think these shouldn't be removed.

"In reviewing what Steam users actually watch, it became clear we should focus our effort on offering content that is either directly related to gaming or, is accessory content for games or software sold on Steam."

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Valve sucks at marketing their platform. Rely too much on the loyal customers to do it for them.

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I never noticed, the possibility to buy movies on Steam 🤔

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selling movies on steam was worth a try I guess, its not like valve is busy making half life 3 or even doing a remake of the half life series on a modern game engine. now they are gonna have to find something else to keep themselves busy

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Apparently you can still post YOutube videos so I'll be able to share my Alyx and Gordon homemade movie on there.

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I guess all those customers will lose the videos they paid for. Just one of the reasons digital distribution is inferior to physical. Can't even trust Valve with "your" licenses.