Running PC games on Mac?

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I was thinking, do you think I could run 'Games for Windows' games on my Macbook Pro. I would just run Boot Camp (do you have to pay to get OS?). Just one question though, does it slow down your computer? And could I actually pull this off?

If you know, your help would be appreciated. :)

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Alright, here's a step by step guide on how to easily run Windows PC games. 1. Sell your Mac. 2. Use the money to purchase/build a PC. 3. Install desired game. 4. ??? 5. PROFIT!!
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Yes you have to buy a windows operating system to run it in Bootcamp and you should be able to run Games for Windows in windows via bootcamp although i thought it was just games for windows live that required the actual games for windows application but i could be wrong. It is a background application so it will technically make your computer slower but its not noticable in my experience

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You're going to get a lot of unhelpful replies, like "sell your Mac", "PC is cheaper and more powerful", etc. Whether or not the Mac is a better choice is, in my opinion, a null argument seeing as how it is what you have and in all likelihood you are going to simply deal with what you have in the best way you can.

Now to answer your question: yes, if you run boot camp to dual-boot Windows there is in fact no extra-slowdown with a macbook pro as opposed to some other laptop. If you used Parallels or something to run Windows, then you would experience some slowdown. But you should have no problem running most modern PC games on your macbook pro on slightly lower resolutions and medium-ish settings, if you have the 8600 card. Also, you do need to purchase the Windows OS to run it, obviously.

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Alright, here's a step by step guide on how to easily run Windows PC games. 1. Sell your Mac.

2. Use the money to purchase/build a PC.

3. Install desired game.

4. ???

5. PROFIT!!fudgeblood


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This is not a guaranteed success Also there is some overhead, but wine isn't an emulator, so it's not super slow. Check compatibility with games at the winehq.
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I really don't mean to beat the OP up but if you enjoy gaming why did you ever buy a Mac in the first place ? it is a well known fact it sucks for gaming.

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You have a few options: -Boot Camp directly into Windows (you need an extra Windows license for this, however, and you won't have access to OS X) -Darwine/CrossOver (it'll let you run Windows apps in OS X without Windows, but compatibility can be a crapshoot) -Parallels or VMware Fusion (you'll need an extra Windows license just like Boot Camp, but you'll still have access to OS X)
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Bootcamp should work fine. I have never had a problem with it and Gaming. Despite what average people might tell you who do not use Macs, Bootcamp is pretty Flawless and runs alongside OSX with ease no matter what Windows OS you use.

The Hate for Macs on this forum is idiotic because people do not understand actually how superior they are to PC's in Everyway, other than gaming of course, but Bootcamp has really helped us play whatever we want. Its not perfect but we have our workaround.

I have a Gaming PC, but I have a Macbook Pro for Work because Using a PC in my Field is a Joke of an idea that causes nothing but problems. I game on both with no problems.

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I am getting a Mac in the near future for work, and was wondering if it was possible to take my current PC's hard drive and connect it to the Mac with the high speed thunderbolt cable, then book to the external hard drive to play games in windows. In my research I have not seen much about this.

Any help would be great, but PLEASE, do not say don't get a Mac, it is not an option. Also, I know that the performance would not be stunning, but my performance is already lacking because I only have AMD integrated graphics on my machine.

I understand that BootCamp works, and am willing to do this, but with the new Macbook Pros that were released, there is very little storage space for two partitions.


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@jadoff: Just get yourself a hackintosh, and no it will not work, windows and mac use different file formats. They can only both read the same HDD if it's formatted in fat32 but that limits you to only 32gb of space on that drive. Also keep in mind based off of what kind of work you're doing the work environment is very likely going to be 95% Windows.

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@Zemus: They're far from superior, they're just hard to break and easy to use. They're useless in the cooperate world due to their limited features, hardware and software support. Gaming is a whole different area as well. A Mac is basically a machine with more ram than the user will ever need and overpriced hardware without the software to back it up. It's something you'd give to the casual user. Windows on the other hand is much harder to manage for the causal user due to the level of control given.

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dat necro thread

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@jadoff rather than bump a 3 year old topic, make a new one :)

@zaku101 whomever you are replying to, probably won't even see this message ever. This topic 3 years old.