Running Manjaro on ThinkCentre M720 Tower

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Am looking to get into Linux and I ran Manjaro before on my laptop Would Manjaro GNOME on this platform ThinkCentre M720 Tower. Thanks if I do not get any answer from here I will go to the Manjaro Community Thanks...

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What's the question? I've not used Manjaro, but most distros support different desktop environments and it doesn't really matter what your hardware is. So I don't see why GNOME wouldn't work unless it's not supported by Manjaro itself, if that's what you're wondering

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I had a quick look and it looks like it comes with an I5 8400 CPU and up to 64GB of ram. So as long as you have enough ram (4GB+ would be nice for smooth running with gnome and some chrome tabs. It will run on less though) it should be fine.

Just since you have posted on a gaming forum i'll point out that the PCs gaming abilities will be pretty limited (unless you have added in your own GPU).