RTS Suggestions Please!

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Hey there, me and my friends love playing RTS games. We've played games from Cossacks to Planetary Annihilation Titans and even Command and Conquer. We gave Halo Wars a try, but it didn't sit right with us for some reason. In any case, I'd love it if some of you guys could suggest a multiplayer RTS game that 2-4 people can play? I've been looking into Warcraft III Reforged, but obviously that isn't out until later this year.

Thanks guys.

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Ashes of the Singularity Escalation is pretty solid, and it's super cheap. I wish it had the C&C Generals destruction physics, tho. After 15 years it definitely should.

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I'm not sure if World in Conflict servers are still going or not, but that game was incredible.

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Check our Ancestors Legacy and Company of Heroes. Smaller more tactical-scale RTS combat

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Dawn of War 1 collection


Company of Heroes (No FFA, only team games)


Act of Aggression (No map editor so only the maps that come with the game are available)


8-Bit Armies/Hordes/Invaders (Very simplistic game but I had a ton of fun when the multiplayer was still active. The three games play together)




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Supreme Commander is the pinnacle of the Total Annihilation RTS design. Nothing else comes close.


I never feel the need to find another competitive RTS.

(not to be confused with historical RTS games like Age of Empires, which are fun, but different)