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My router is a Belkin of some sort. I'm not sure of the exact model, and I'm not at home right now so I can't check, but I got it for like $35 at Walmart mostly because I don't use wifi that much since my PC is plugged in with ethernet.

Anyway, I recently got a Chromecast and after setting it up I noticed that it just won't connect with any of my devices. Chromecast itself stops saying it's connected and my iPhone won't find it. I also tried on my Nexus 7, but nothing. I browsed google for some solutions and it seemed that this is a fairly common issue. I just decided that Chromecast was a terrible product and moved on.

Last night, though, I wanted to connect my phone to my PS4, and despite the fact that my PS4 was connected to the internet, my phone wouldn't find it. I didn't try it on my tablet, but my concern now is that maybe my router just isn't good enough to handle this sort of thing. Thoughts?

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if it's gon N broadcasting tech it should work with any mobile device and any other product.

Try reseting your routher.