rome total war mods and updates

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does any one have some cool mods for this game:D
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actually i was looking at a mod today calles "Rise of persia" for Rome Total war. go to to see it. they make new factions and the persians look cool in the game.

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Theres two mods that are popular on the RTW boards i know of try going here: 

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Most mods are to big for my dinosaur to download.

Any one have some totally aosome smaller mods???

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Hi guys the RBE clan for Rome and Medieval II total war has finished a mod.

You can visit their homrpage at:

 before you download, you have to register.

this mod features new units such spartan hoplites, persian immortals, persian infantry, new pikes and cavalry. It is in beta version and its largely focused on the eastern empires.