Roccat KONE driver problem (?)

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I just got my Roccat KONE for christmas yesterday (Big surprise, I helped my mom ordering it :P), and let me tell you what happened.

I plugged it in the USB, and it started installing some automatic drivers. After that, the mouse stopped working. It lights, and the button infront of the scroll wheel (it's bound to opening the START menu) works for some reason. I tried to download all kinds of drivers from ROCCAT.ORG, but it didn't work, and when it prompted me to restart the computer, I did so, and when it started up, it said that the installation of the drivers failed.

Please help me someone. I love this mouse so much. It has the best grip ever, and I can't wait to use it. :P I am a little frustrated by this.

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Congratulations, you lucky guy. That's the mouse I want. Are you in the UK? I'm going to have to get it via eBay, since I'm in Canada.

Sorry to hear about the driver problems. I think the best thing to do is to download the latest drivers from their site and install them first, then plug in the mouse. Sometimes plug-n-play is a bit pain.

Could you answer one question for me? I haven't been able to find any mention of whether the scroll wheel is ratcheted (has click positions when you scroll it) or if it's a smooth scroll. I need my scroll wheels clicky. ;)

Hope you solve your driver problems!


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I've got it for a couple months now, no problems what so ever.
Really amazing mouse.
I haven't got any problems with drivers and such, I even installed it on Windows 7 Beta.

There is something I always do before connecting any hardware that needs drivers: I install the drivers first then I connect the hardware. Windows sometimes screws up the drivers or something, I heard.