Resident evil 2 remake hype

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this game is gonna be great, here is some new gameplay footage

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Loving Ada's design, be interesting to see an updated version of Leon's relationship with.

I never liked how they done it in Resident Evil 4. where she was Matrix lady.

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Next month can't come soon enough.

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Not gonna lie, this game looks good and visually stunning. Recently been playing Resident Evil Remake (PS4) - my first every survival horror game and it's quite scary. I watched Resident Evil 2 Remake, it looks x100 scarier. The zombies look realistic and more frightening. The more realistic the graphics are, the scarier it gets.

Not sure if I have the guts and bravery to play the remake of RE2. Maybe the demo is enough for me.

No idea how you lot can enjoy horror games. If I was playing RE2 Remake, I'd be hiding under my bedsheets.

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je repète, trop lourd le forum, merdique