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If you have problems installing games and applications, then StarForce might be to blame. I found this out the hard way by having Flight Simulator 2004 fail to install on the hard drive and by havingSims 2: Seasons failing to notice the disc and run! Here is a link to boycott and remove this StarForce junk: know I am not the first to have problems and I'm sure GameSpot has as well. Not to mention, it can destroy you disk drive!

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This horse is dead, and so is starforce pretty much.
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Two years later the horse is risen. I just last night caught the StarForce virus right here on this site from a demo--I think it must have been UbiSoft's Dawn of Discovery. Boycott UbiSoft for me, will you? I will never buy anything from them as long as I live, and I will badmouth them with my dying breath.

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StarForce is back?


*puts on armor and takes out sword and shield*

Alert the gaming gods at once!

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Dawn of Discovery uses TAGES protection, not StarForce
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Wanna stop StarForce?

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Wanna stop StarForce?



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Wanna stop StarForce?


This has opened my more pirating! VIVA LA REVELOUTION