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I'm going to recommend playing Crossout, if you like arena type of tactical games then you should try it.

Similar games are: Robocraft, Mechwarrior Online, World of Tanks, War Thunder, Armored Warfare.

If one of those games are to your liking then you should try it.

A little details to the game: you start with basic truck loaded with 2 machine guns and you keep on leveling up, upgrading it and even changing the whole vehicle to your liking.

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seems like a fun game

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Hello All,

Crossout by Gaijin

I really dont recomend this game. The russian publisher need to lern a lot about how to listen on comunity and treat people. 2 Years ago this game was a hell of fun, then the open Beta started and its still in the beta version, after 2 years!! IN this 2 Years they maybe released 2 new maps, and total maps ingame are now 4-5 and not even all workin properly. In this 2 years they did alot of things to melk peoples money. They nerverd everything they could. Farming on recources is limited, things you get from the loot boxes are limited and crap, really will not get any legendary, or relict wapons... NEVER! Its almost impossible to get them by farmin or grinding. You will get some really crap stuff nobody wants. Also Items you get in the special events are not sellable in-game, you can't sell it on market, nor to your clan/friends. A lot of wapons you get from the loot box you can use it only for 24h. Fusion made wapons= not sellable. You can't trade the things with your friends. At the market you pay taxes on sellable items... Im ascing me is that nessesery to pay TAXES in a game ? for what they use this taxes ? for build ingame highways or what ? The game in my opinion is competly manipulated be the publisher, they do nerfs on items without to say that to the community in hope the player will not notice that. Best thing: they nerfed fast engines for almost 30-40% and when people complied in forums, they just made the sound of the engine louder to make you feel you are fast...and that is one of many other examples of manipulation. For a really good relic wapons you must be in a clan, do clanwars for months to get the recurces or buy it with real money. That means one relict wapon like Scorpion ( and you need 2 of them) you have to pay around 600 Euros real money. In this 2 years they did not any really good festible events. Not on christmass, not on new years eve and all the other festible days. NO ONE GIVEAWAYS TO PEOPLE who play this more then Years, OK you get a loot box with again, ITS CRAP or not sellable or unly usebar for 24h...

If there was a event, you get some crap decor stuff and thats all. For my opinion this game is made only to get the MAX of the peoples money with no return. Also if you invest real money you get NOTHING really good, or at least you must spend around 1400 euro to get a the relict setup. Its almost impossible to grind/farm it.

The worserst thing is that the game ignore competly players who have fast cars , light armor, have real skills and like to fight. They support they russians fellows who have Flying, invisble, shilded Tanks with triple canon, monster armor and are camping on the end of the map and shoot people across the whole map. CANONS thats the only thing never was really touched/nerfed by the russian publishers... this game turns into a nightmare.

Clan : you can have only 20 people in the clan, guys i got more familly members then 20 :) In my opinion this game have no future and the stats prove that. Max average players per day: ca 2800 and sinking... Like i said, in my opinion this game was really cool untill they started to nerf everything and focus only on profite. I agree that they need to make money but in that way like is it in Crossout thats a shame. I never seen a game before acting that greedy with players.


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