Recommend me some really good PC games

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#53 Posted by GrizlzyCapybara (26 posts) -

Witcher 3, RDR2 obviously, Lineage 2 Classic (if you're into mmorpgs).

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#54 Posted by Ketenks (7 posts) -

Dude for everyone it's different but Robocraft man. Simple build a bot game and shoot stuff! I spent hours just building the bots to figure out how they worked and that's something I enjoy. But if you do get it, look up the official guide on hovers and wings and just save yourself time there.

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#55 Posted by loujniki (11 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC

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#58 Posted by kikiserwaa (4 posts) -

Far cry 5

Mafia III

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Try What Remains of Edith Finch. It is free currently on Epic Games Store. A beautiful game with a well crafted story. It is short (about 2-3 hours) and is worth the time. Not much of a game but more of an experience. An awe-inspiring experience nonetheless.

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#61 Posted by appariti0n (2750 posts) -

@masterhand: Baldur's gate 1 and 2.

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#62 Posted by girabaldi (3 posts) -

If you have some friends (at least 1 :D) then try divinity original sin 2, it was my personal 2018 GOTY. Another one is Vermintide 2. I would also recommend some RPG's from the old times: Gothic, Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 ( it's not a popular opinion but I loved the second one). Also, Drakensang was pretty good (not the online one). Kingdoms of Amalur was also pretty fun, but less RPG, more action one. Alpha protocol was an original idea. The first Fable was fun too, it brings nostalgia. As for the last "genre" of RPG's - I recommend Bastion as indie game.

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#63 Posted by alxice (3 posts) -

Rainbow Six Siege
Planetary Annihilation: TITANS

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#65 Posted by xantufrog (11169 posts) -

I've been replaying Planescape Torment. I think any RPG fan should at least try this PC classic. The Enhanced Edition is great; adds some nice QoL improvements to freshen it up for the modern era. Pro tip if you haven't played it before: use the pause in combat to strategize and have some patience - combat gets much more enjoyable a little ways into the game when you have some skills under your belt.

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#66 Posted by rangerdanger57 (5 posts) -

I will recommend to you with all of my heart the 2 modern Deus ex games Human Revolution and Mankind Divided.

I started with Human Revolution and I loved the feel of the game. Big exploration emphasis.A lot of weapons to choose from. But the energy system is kind of a slowdown of the game (and also how much power can you get from an energy bar?)The typhoon aug is useless, there, I said it.

Now, Mankind Divided, my favorite game, it is simply amazing. Unlike HR, Mankind Divided has a greater focus on exploration, giving you XP and items for exploring parts around the world. The combat felt good and fair. Stealth is a big focus too, with the player being able to level up much faster when using non-lethal weapons and non-lethal augs and getting a big bonus for not being detected. There are also bonuses for doing some missions peacefully and using Social Enhancer aug. The only downside I can think is the lack of weapons (Yes,yes i know that there 10 weapons which is a lot but considering that HR had 17 weapons like the plasma rifle, laser rifle, rocket launcher, and a stealth-oriented crossbow, with only one transforming into an aug P.E.P.S. it's safe to say that you're going to be stuck with a few weapons for the entire game). Never liked the hacking, but it's quite rewarding especially later in the game with level 5 locks (although the addition of the multi-tool/the auto-hacking tool. There's also a new system to upgrade weapons and craft special ammo, but who am I kidding craft only multi-tools. The "Jensen Story's" after-game campaigns are very enjoyable, with their own twist. (except Desperate measures, which on its own is just a part of the main story told as a separate part of the game). There's also a multiplayer... that's cool I guess ... not really enjoyable. There was also Deus ex universe app that you could watch the making of... videos, but it's not here anymore, and the videos are now available online free of charge.

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Unreal Tournament, Payday 2, SWAT 4, State of Decay, Plants vs. Zombies, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Bejeweled 2, IGT Slots: Lucky Larry's Lobstermania, Chuzzle, Virtual Pool 4, Peggle, and many more.

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#68 Posted by Byrdyin (24 posts) -

I would recommend:

Battlefield 1

Age of Empires IV


Mantigames’ Spiders Arena

Fallout 3

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

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Apex Legends, PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY, FROSTPUNK are some top most PC games and gamers definitely love to play these games also can visit for such more information in details.

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#70 Posted by ycdeo (2696 posts) -

PC shadow of Mordor.

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#71 Posted by MorganM (8 posts) -

@masterhand: My recommendations would be - in no particular order:

1. The Witcher series - 1 through 3 are amazing value for money and are often dirt cheap on the frequent GOG sales.

2. Rome: Total War - Old school PCMR game that got me into PC gaming a long time ago. Holds up surprisingly well to this day.

2.5. Rome 2: Total War - Newer take on the above listed game and is a more detailed, modern take on the classic game. Much more systems and a lot more pleasing to the eye. Great game, though has a lot of DLC.

3. Just Cause 2 - Because the gameplay loop is really satisfying. Explosions and gunfights are all really satisfying.

Not a top 3 or anything but the first games to come to mind.