Recommend me a football game

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Hey all I am looking for a football game with an up to date roster. Are there any Maddens that are still supported? I remember one time I thought I read something about a tecmo football with updated rosters. Any help in this would be great.

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Madden 08 was the last Madden on PC. I am not sure how the mod support has been but NBA LIVE and Madden back in the day on PC use to have fairly big mod communities.

This mod here for Madden 08 on PC was the last big mod my friend was excited for for Maddne 08

I also remember trying a CFL mod at his house one time for Madden 08, there is probably alot more mods at this forum to:

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I know this is a PC forum but NFL 2k5, is maybe, if not the best football game and ppl have been coming out with rosters for years for that game it's so highly regarded.