Radeon overclocking issue. Anyone had this one?

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I got 2 screens plugged to my HD5670, a 18,5 inch Philips LED and a 32 inch LCD Toshiba TV.

The thing is something strange happens with the image displayed on the LED monitor, when I turn AMD Overdrive on.

At first it looks normal, but when I scroll web pages up and down I can see black bars like the screen's tearing up.

It also happens in few games.

It's like there's something wrong with the screen refresh rate.

The odd fact is I can only see it on the LED display and not on the LCD TV.

The GPU is running cool and I do not encounter any graphical glitches or artifacts with Overdrive off.

I remember using it with a single screen, before I bought the TV and the issue was not present.

Could this be a driver issue, can't remember if I updated it since then..

It's not really a problem, since I can use the card without it.

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As far as I know, visual artifacts are pretty common for the Radeon HD 5000 series of cards when operating in dual monitor mode. It's a known issue with no known solution. :(
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Wow thanks mate, I switched it to a single screen and it runs great even with the Overdrive feature on :D