Questions about Retro Pc/Mac Gaming and compatibility

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So first things first, I am primarily a console only gamer. I don't really play games on my phone either. So though it's always a possibility to consider modern pc gaming, that's not what this thread is for. I am a nostalgic gamer, and I do have quite a few memories with my old macintosh and I mac. When I was like 5 I was playing some game called Victor Vector and Yondo: The Vampires Coffin. It was even an old game then but it was what my dad used. It recently didn't work on my Macbook Pro for some reason. I don't know much about computers or the technical aspects. I also have fond memories of the original Sim City. But then there are games like MDK that look better on my Mac than on PS1. I remember playing it on a really old Mac back in the days. I don't even remember what I played it on, but I played the demo version of MDK, ended up getting it on PS1 doe.

So if I get into Computer gaming I want to do it retro. There are a few games I want to get back into. But I don't know much. So do I need different computers for all these different games? It would seem unpractical to buy 4 different computers to play 4 different games. But is that the case? I can't build a PC that is compatible with everything? Right now I'm interested only in the games I remember as a kid, I'm not ready for the modern pc stuff so don't convince me.

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If you're looking for retro you should always buy from - their installations are suited for modern PC's and almost have no compatibility issues. Alternatively, running the desired game through DOSbox, trying different compatibility modes and options or downloading fan patches fixes the issues most of the time.

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PC has excellent back compatibility, for old games you may need user patches or dosbox. Steam has MDK.

However Mac only games need MAC OS and I'm not familiar with how good or bad back compat is on a MAC.