Problems with my laptop

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So J have an Origin gaming laptop I purchased in 2011. It has an I-7 with a GTX 580m, running Windows 7.I used to game on it fairly regularly but I haven’t used it in about a year . I turned it on the other day and after doing various updates to windows , it doesn’t work. I have power and a WiFi connection but am unable to access my steam library or download amythjng or even surf the net. I keep getting unable to download or unable to open web page. Any ideas on what the problem could be ?

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doesnt sound like you are actually connected to wifi, reset the network adapter? What browser?

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Thanks for the reply. I’m using internet explorer . I’ll try resetting the network adaptor .

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It's been a year since you used it right? You don't have any network settings that might need to be change you forgot about? The wifi card should be under one of the covers under the laptop you could always try reseating it.