Problem with PC controller (PS3)

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#1 Posted by Scappydude (64 posts) -

I downloaded the program and all that stuff!
But when i try to calibrate the controller nothing works.
My computer recognizes that the PS3 controller is plugged in but like i said i cant get it to calibrate.
I remember my cousin coming over once and he fixed it but i dont remember what he did lol

What am i supposed to do in order to make this work?

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#2 Posted by liquidzero123 (7111 posts) -

What's there to calibrate? Just install the software (if you even have to) and set the controls in-game. Maybe you want to get into the controller settings?, so you should click on the bottom left icon on your desktop, go to control panel, click classic view and go to game controller. I've never used a PS3 controller on the PC, just a PS2 one and it required no software, only a seperately-sold adapter to use.

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I use a PS3 controller for my PC, and the software can be a little tricky. You test if the controller is responsive by checking if it does anything in the windows controller calibration menu. Try pressing the PS button, as you should always be doing. If that fails unplug the remote and plug it in again. There are two sets of drivers, and the older one can make you go system32 folder and run menu and other stuff that's just so much work. The newer one you just have to press the PS button, and maybe unplug and replug the controller. That's if your on a wired setup anyways.

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Also you should have all 4 led's on the top flashing. It helps to memorize the button sequence you need to turn you PS3 off if you accidently turn it on.

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So i have my ps3 controller working for the pc. All the buttons work but the analog sticks are screwed up. I go to the properties of the controller and to test every thing the dpad responds to the x axis and y axis not the analogs. When i move the analogs nothing responds. Pls Help!!!