Please suggest some parts for me.

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Hello Gamespot! It's been a while. I am a student looking to start a little side business of building PCs. I have already helped friends build computers of their own, and I want to make money by doing so.

I will offer a limited selection of parts to choose from, help the buyer choose, build the computer, then return the finished product to them. Unlike Dell or HP, I will markup the price very little.

However, I need some suggestions. I only want to offer good quality parts, but I need to have every price range covered. (I will try to focus on gaming PCs, but if someone wants a normal use browsing PC, I'll do that as well) For example, I will offer cases from an NZXT Source 210 to a Corsair Obsidian 900D. But I don't know about some products and would like some assistance.

  • What are some good motherboards? ATX or Micro ATX, and ranging from a fully featured gaming grade board to one that you would build in a desktop for your mom.

  • What RAM is good for the same sort of thing? From Corsair Dominator Platinum all the way down to, again, something you would buy for your mother.

  • What power supplies do your recommend?

  • What are the good middle-to-lower end CPUs from both AMD and Intel?

Thanks so much for the help!

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1. There are so many to choose from and any from Asus, GB, MSI, Asrock, even Biostar (I am probably forgetting a big brand) will do the job. You give me price ranges I will give my choices. When it comes to the low end boards like $50-75 there is not much to go on except brand and features like common ports a buyer of a PC may want like USB 3.0 and 2.0 and HDMI. That is what I would recommend my mother a motherboard with those two things because I really do not see her going into the bios and tweaking things.

2. Corsair Dominator Platinum is a waste of cash unless you are some serious ram enthusiast that would build his own rig, so pointless. Just offer Corsair Vengeance and Ripjaws (there are plenty of other choices these are just fairly popular and common choices)

3.Any PSU from Seasonic, Corsair, and XFX. They are quality and have great warranties.

4. I really dont know much about CPUS like AMD A4-6 or Intel Pentiums. Though I would guess AMD if gaming on very tight budget if not get a newer pentium

FX 6300

Intel i5 4670, 3570, (k if consumer would like to OC though I really doubt it) if need AMD FX 8350 though I recommend Intel

anything after that is pointless except maybe i7 3770, 4770 IMO

For cases you give price ranges I give my recommendations

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if you are selling some pcs for non gaming use,

make sure the psu is over 450,

just in case they wanna throw a decent card in there in the immediate future......

or for that matter include decent cards in every those type of builds,

like r7 260s or 7750s.