Persistent World 4, a Mount and Blade Mod!

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Hey guys. Here today I'd love to introduce to you a great mod for Mount and Blade Warband. Now, I was wondering how to describe it and I was having trouble. So what I'll say is it's a multiplayer open world Role-playing style game. Think of it as Single player, but instead of the map you travel in Third/First person the whole way. Theres only about 8 castles and 9 or so villages, but it still is a huge world to run around in and explore. And then chuck into it the fact instead of NPC's populating the streets or serving at the tavern. It's real people. Real people sell you ale at a tavern, real players can be anything from serfs who mine iron ore and farm, to healers, lords etc. Each with their own skills. And it's got that MMO liveliness feeling, even with only say 80 people, the roads to towns and to the castles are always populated and you see farmers, groups of cavalry, anything. Oh, and as the name suggests, its persistent. So if a faction owns 2 castles and you capture a third. Your faction keeps that castle until it is captured back. Your character also keeps his gold on disconnect, so next time you log on. It's all still there! I haven't done it justice, but heres the features list! Main features: - Up to 8 castle owning factions (which native multiplayer calls teams) and two extra categories: commoners, which is for players joining the game, changing between the main factions, or who want to play alone, and outlaws, which players who repeatedly kill team members in a short time are restricted to. - Troop types are not selectable before spawn: you need to pay money and train for a certain amount of time with one of the factions. Some troop types have special abilities, like engineers for building, doctors for healing, brigands best at lock picking, and serfs for the dirty work. - Troop type, faction, gold, and more are saved every few seconds and restored when rejoining the server, until the mission ends or the server crashes; all data is wiped at the start of the next mission (map / round / game / whatever). - Enhanced item buying scene props, which combine buying, selling, stockpiling, and crafting; showing the item stats. Most weapon, armour, and horse stockpiles require crafting by engineers from resources before they can be bought from. - Destructible trees and mines to harvest resources; trees regrow after being cut down, and mines respawn after longer periods. - Systems for gathering food, which is a requirement for healing by resting at a bed: fishing, growing wheat for making bread and beer, grapes for wine, and animals for meat. Animals can be herded and butchered with the appropriate skill, which gives meat for eating and hides to make leather for crafting. - Repairable and buildable scene props, like doors, ladders, walls, and bridges. Doors can be locked, able to be opened by players in the correct faction, and able to be lock picked by others. Improved moving portcullises, drawbridges, a new ferry boat, and a lift platform. - Doors which teleport players to the location of the other linked door, so the native interior meshes can be used, underneath the terrain. - Ships that can be sailed, ideally with two players; they can also be damaged, repaired, and sunk. - Castles that can be captured, which changes the door locks, flags, and more. - Castle faction lords, which are players voted in by a faction poll; they can set the faction name, banner, withdraw money from the castle chests, access a unique troop type, and give door and chest access permissions. - Money bag items to transfer gold between players. Loot bags are dropped when a player dies, taking a small amount of their gold, and all weapons should be dropped. Players can reveal to nearby characters the approximate amount of money they are carrying. - The ability to loot armor off corpses for a very short time after their death; approximately 30 seconds. - Various carts and chests which can be used to store weapons, armor, and other items in; different cart types can be attached to either to horses or player characters to move them around. Some ships also have a hold for storage. - Player invulnerability for 10 seconds after spawning (you cannot attack or be attacked). - Doctors can heal badly injured players up to a limit of their skill, while resting on beds is for fully healing lightly injured players, using food. - Outlaw ratings for players which are increased by team killing and decrease slowly over time. If a player's outlaw rating is too high they are set to the outlaws faction, and when they die they can only train as the available outlaw troops until their rating drops low enough. - Various messaging systems for chatting to players nearby, in the same faction, or any server administrators connected; with a toggleable overlay to show the last 11 lines of local chat. - Various administrator tools. - An optional feature to use an external web server to restrict player names and clan tag prefixes to specific player serial numbers, kick players using invalid characters in their name, and to set specific permissions to admin tools for each player. One name server could be used for multiple Warband PW servers. - More ways for scene makers to adjust how the game mode works by setting edit mode scene prop values; things like associated castle, gold value multiplier, linked scene prop, initial state, initial hit points, scene time of day, and which factions are available. Here's the official Mount and Blade Forum for it:,160403.0.html And the Direct Download if you wish (A mere 17mb) I urge you all to give it a chance!!!
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Interesting, I'll be having a go during my holiday.

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Hmmm, sounds interesting!