PC Game Screenshot Thread - Post your Screenshots here!

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Giving Ancestors Legacy a whirl (currently 50% off on GoG)

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Started playing Gears Of War 4, found a key for $5 and thought why the hell not since Gears 5 is coming this year and I do like the lore behind Gears Of War.

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I got Battlefield V for free when I bought my video card. Anyways I was running the game by testing it with the Ray Tracing features to see what it look like. As nice as it is, it's not worth having low fps for it. The game is running at 1440p.

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Here's some old screenshots of Sleeping Dogs I took the reflections and lightning still look amazing this is the original SD on PC not the definitive version.

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The last of my Gears Of War 4 shots

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Zibbs - Alien Survival

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So people may laugh and my following post because of this game's massive unpopularity, but I recently played "The Quiet Man" at 4K on "High" settings (not ultra.) This game's graphics menu is horrendous, but the graphics themselves, I still think are the best on PC at the moment. The lighting, humans, props, clothing, hair (with exceptions) and environments look more natural to me than any other AAA/AA game I've played, performs fantastically, and the character models in particular almost look like an anatomically correct clone of the real actor as opposed to a "realistic" painting turned into a 3D model.

Observe what I mean below.

Reminder: Settings are on High, not ultra. Judging from the soft image, I think High renders the game in a sub-native resolution. I hope everyone can still see the beauty in the graphics though.

P.S. I don't see any image limit in the OP, so I'm gonna go wild with this. Buckle up.

And one last unpopular opinion... I actually think this is a good game with a great story I THINK I could piece together, and I've only beaten the initial mute playthrough. (You play as a deaf guy, so no audio or subtitles your first time through.) I have played about 10 minutes of a second playthrough with the unlocked audio, but I'll have to finish the rest of it later. The only complaint I have is this game could really use regenerating health while avoiding hits long enough. I know regenerative health is often seen as dumbing down for casuals, and I would normally agree, but this game really needs it. It gets infuriating later on when they throw what seems like neverending waves of enemies at you.

That said though, despite the absolute hatred this game gets from everyone, I still think it is definitely worth a buy, especially when it's on sale for less than $8 on Steam right now.

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@Zuon: Are most of those screenshots from a photomode or prerendered animations?

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@horgen: Neither. The game has two types of cutscenes - live action video with the real actors, and real-time cutscenes with in-game assets. These screenshots are all of the latter, and they were taken by spamming Win + Prt Scrn during my playthrough (this makes Windows take a PNG screenshot and save it to a folder in your Pictures library)

Take a look at the single screenshot of the African American antagonist (don't know his name - my playthrough was mute). There's a reason I didn't post more of him. His in-game model's beard looks very fake compared to the actual actor, and it's jarring compared to how good the rest of the game looks.

Edit: Upon further playing, I've started to notice that it looks like the cutscenes are playing at a lower framerate than the gameplay, even if the frame counter doesn't go down. This leads me to believe that I was initially incorrect about the cutscenes not being prerendered. There still doesn't appear to be much fidelity loss between the cutscenes and gameplay, however, so I still believe the cut scenes were directed in-engine, even if they might not being played back that way.

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Far Cry 5

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@saintsatan: Fun game!

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I'm in a nostalgia mood and started playing Indigo Prophecy I miss this era of gaming.

I hope this isn't Chris's blood.

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