PC Game Screenshot Thread - Post your Screenshots here!

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Hello, everyone!

I'm just posting random comments to be able to post a thread about game recommendations.

But let me make your day with this meme: https://xkcd.com/37/

And also as this is a screenshots thread I'll post one myself:

Oh, look, I can't even post freaken pictures cause I didn't post enough random comments yet. This is all your fault, website owners!

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And also, it seems I can't post random comments too, I've already posted three, and they aren't showed, and I cant post threads. I'm getting upset.

What If I wanna post my amazing Drakensang screenshots? How do I do it if I can't post anything?!

Great my dudes, great mechanic

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oh,yes ,it's oaky

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@wis3boi: hi friend what is the game name please? I like it very much

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Far cry 5 in 4K max

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Mini Battlegrounds

Land - Loot - Survive

Best blocky battle royale, Play PUBG in a Minecraft world


Oops, can not post screenies because I'm still a newb in this forum

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@Wasdie: hi

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I should've waited until I was done with Fallout: New Vegas before buying Far Cry 5. But, alas, I couldn't.

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Cutscenes suck. Suck, suck, suck, suck........suck. Much as I love Far Cry 5, the cutscenes frustrate me. Oh well. At least, I can skip some of them.


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can anyone tell me how to download farcry 5 should i buy the cd or download it on free any suggestion. i'm little bit confuse because i have to do office setup also but having this curiosity about farcry 5


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Good job

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Well, GTA 4 in my opinion was a major letdown. Is it leagues better than San Andreas? GTA 5 looks good though since the very first screenshots they released and I'll happily wait for the PC version. My class mate who is a gamer chick keeps talking about it but she's a console gamer haha. Kinda kills it.

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Crysis 2

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I tried out Hunt: Showdown during the free weekend on my brand new mini itx build that has a GTX 1080 and R5 1600. I played it at high settings 1440p and it was a great experience. I had so much fun with the game but didn't have money to spend on a new game. I will definitely pick up Hunt: Showdown in the October Steam sale, hopefully by then the game has more content and optimization.

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Oh my! FarCry 5 is amazing!

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thank you bro

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More from Ark.

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@HyperWarlock: yessir

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Thanks for making a new one bud.

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laptop does not spot :D

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I finally beat Bayonetta, Jeanne was the hardest boss battle for me Father Balder was way too easy and the only problem I had with Jubileus was her instant kill blackhole but once I figured out when she would use it, it got easy to avoid. Father Balder for some reason just reminds me of David Bowie and I found it a bit disturbing he put lipstick on a little girl and then fused with her- oh crap please don't be a pedo priest or something. I still don't really get the plot to this game. Shame Enzo wasn't in it more I found him to be a very funny character.

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I dont now

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@Wasdie: can you please tell me how to install fallout game on Mac

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