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#1 Posted by ofitser (261 posts) -
Does anyone know any good pc games with cooperative play mode?
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#2 Posted by ferozeak (47 posts) -

I was thinking of starting a thread on the same topic :)

There doesn't seem to be too many co-op PC games out there. Some games like Far Cry & Half Life 2 have mods that let you play the storyline in co-op. Im downloading one now, will let you know if it works.

Theres also a game called Left 4 Dead (based on the HL2 engine) which supports up to four players in story mode. Its supposed to be due out early 2007.

Going to do a bit more digging but i am surprised that so few PC games have co-op.

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#3 Posted by moffe12 (626 posts) -
Coop is very rare theese days... Really sad since it's by far my favourite way of multiplayer. I'd look into the mods already mentioned atleast, and serious sam.
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#4 Posted by EntwineX (5858 posts) -
Serious Sam, SS2, some Splinter Cell  ..maybe.
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#5 Posted by BlaZe_irl (1886 posts) -
eh.....splinter cell and rainbow 6 vegas have coop i think...also u can play coop against bots in BF2
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#6 Posted by the_ChEeSe_mAn2 (8464 posts) -
There is a mod for Half Life called Sven Co-op. If you have HL and steam try it ;)
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#7 Posted by ofitser (261 posts) -
i installed a coop mod to doom 3 but it didnt work, some open GL sh1t. Probably b cuz i have dx not open gl. but the other mods i installed didnt work either :D . They had same problem.... what should i do, to fix it?
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#8 Posted by holotek (25 posts) -
Swat 4 + Stetchkov syndicate (has a stack of good mods avail max 10 players)
Rainbow Six vegas (system requirements pretty hardcore 4 players)
first to fight: close combat (4 players)
Joint ops
battlefield 1942 + desert combat mod
battlefield vietnam
Ghost recon adv warfighter

Rome total war
Age of mythology
Company of heroes
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#9 Posted by Byshop (17844 posts) -

Coop games? How about Chicken Run? :lol:

As for co-op, I don't really regard games like BF as Co-op games. They are more multiplayer structured games in which you can play on the same side. Co-op to me means a single player campaign that more than one person can participate in.

Nearly all the D&D games of recent years: Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 1 and 2 (although in these the entire game would pause when one person entered a conversation). Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 both have great co-op. System Shock 2 was originally a single player only game, but a LAN co-op patch was later released that made the game much easier to play.

Also, as mentioned Sven was cool. It gets a little laggy in the in-game cutscenes, but playing the original campaign Co-op is pretty fun.


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#10 Posted by leoploradon01 (231 posts) -
GRAW,coop mod comeing out for oblivion....only things ic an think of at the moment.
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#11 Posted by 1Lonehawk (873 posts) -
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#12 Posted by nerd_rock_riot (191 posts) -
The best coop i've played is in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's online Coop missions... They're much like the single player missions, but have some added challenges and multiple play modes, and they have the same success rating system that the single player has so you are constantly trying to do better!
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#13 Posted by nerd_rock_riot (191 posts) -
There is also still plenty of people who play it too
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#14 Posted by nerd_rock_riot (191 posts) -
but having a headset is a must in those and the spy vs. merc online games
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#15 Posted by holotek (25 posts) -
If playing through the single player campaign in co-op mode is your thing and I'd have to say its my preference as well,
then I'd modify my list to the following:

Rainbow Six Vegas (system requirements pretty hardcore 4 players)
First to Fight: Close Combat (4 players)
Joint Ops
Ghost Recon Adv Warfighter (needs lotsa patching)

However I stand by Swat 4 as a viable co-op game,  you have to load up maps on server individually and theres no overiding storyline but with the addition of the SSF mod or similar it makes for a very entertaining tactical shooter. (especially with the maximum 10 players). :D
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#16 Posted by pardue (116 posts) -
unfortunately, besides mods, you wont find great coop experiences on the pc. the console sheep still hold the awesome coop games.
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#17 Posted by Kjarrideath (88 posts) -
I totally agree, we need more coop games!! Games that i have played in coop: Half-life 2: Obsidian conflict - Its pretty good coop mod nice maps and some new things. Doom 3: Last man standing - Its a great coop mod, you can play the doom 3 in coop and classic doom in coop. Rainbow six: Vega - : Pretty good coop mode, you basicly make your character and then fight single player missions with friends. Serious Sam: Been a long time since i tested it but i remember the coop was great! :) Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - The coop mode was awesome! Operation Flashpoint: Really cool coop mode in that game, especially when you made the map your self. Ghost recon: Coop was awesome! And i have heard its possible to play halo in coop is that right?
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#18 Posted by Warsport99 (1156 posts) -
FEAR has a coop mod called Warfare.  I downloaded it a while back but all the servers were locked, so I never tried it and I dont play fear anymore.  Its probably decent though.
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#19 Posted by Agriath (1516 posts) -
Supposedly Doom3 can be played Coop over the internet/network. Dont know if this is true though, never tried it.
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#20 Posted by Cra2y (342 posts) -

"nickname" has joined the game and Diablo's minions grow stronger" :)
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#21 Posted by Rigges (191 posts) -
Brothers in Arms : EIB had a really nice coop mode. The bad thing about it is that it isn't story mode and there is only 5 missions (another 5 if you play as germans too) but I had a lot of fun with it, esp the sniper level, I played as sniper with a noob on the ground so I could save his ass :) haha anyways just an option.
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#22 Posted by out0v0rder (1994 posts) -
are you lanning? Then try the ULTIMATE any game that has internet multiplayer and both of you join on the same team and OWN!@!)(*@)(.
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#23 Posted by SongeeX (233 posts) -

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men has a co-op feature.