Original Max Payne not playable on Windows 7?

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#1 Posted by Starshine_M2A2 (4936 posts) -

Tried to install it from a black label disc today but kept getting an error message saying it was not compatible with the Win7 OS.

Anyone else getting this problem or know how to fix it?


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#2 Posted by Will47 (6824 posts) -

Can't say I know for sure, I played it on Vista and Max Payne 2 on Win7. Try going to the exe file and setting the compatibility to Windows XP.

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#3 Posted by n00bkid (4163 posts) -
I got this with Max Payne 3 after downloading it from Steam. Also need help
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#4 Posted by BPoole96 (22817 posts) -

I bought 1 and 2 from the last Steam sale and neither one of them will work. I even tried running them in compatibility mode and they still didn't work

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#5 Posted by stephenage (33416 posts) -
I played Max 1 on Windows 7, and despite a terrible sound glitch (that you can fix with a mod) I had no issues. I suggest reinstalling it on steam or verifying the game's cache.
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#6 Posted by iwilson1296 (2309 posts) -

the first on doesn't work for me, theres some kind of frame skipping that happens every 5 seconds, just enough to make it unplayable. the second game seems to work just fine