Origin goes FULLY Digital...

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Retail Games will still be available at stores, just not through their client.

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Does this change anything?

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Good Ridance ! Now If only steam games were the same. I find it extremely annoying that there are still steam games on the shelf that are still steam mandatory instead of steam optional. Whats Ubisoft up to these days ?

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i didn't even know such retail games exist. even Steam has those? wtf? where?

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Still not going to use it or buy anything published by ea ever again.

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@groowagon: I've only ever seen valve games in a stapples. AS odd as finding one there no where else have I ever seen a retail version of a valve game beyond what's on consoles.

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@ShepardCommandr said:

Still not going to use it or buy anything published by ea ever again.

Says the guy with the ShepardCommandr name...