Old IDE cd drive replaced and not recognized

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My parents old IDE liteon cd drive finally kicked the bucket and managed to find a cheap MSI dvd-cd drive to replace it. Have her installed in the PC but now I can't get the system to recognize the new drive.I boot the system and it takes forever to get out of bios.

Been fiddling and looking on internet for solutions but can't find much. Tried to get windows to recognize it to install drivers manually to no luck, switched my ide cables around, and a couple other attempts to no luck. System is running XP and the thing didn't come with a CD.

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On the MSI website there's a tool called "Live Update", download that and run it on the machine you put the drive in, hopefully it'll detect the drive and install the driver required. Here's the page Or you could search for the model number and download the driver itself.
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Switched my cables from the Dvd-RW drive to the new drive and it ended up working. Switch my cables back and the PC doesn't recognize the drive. Probably just going to use the Dvd-RW cables and just run it that way.