Nvidia Configuration Surround PhysX?

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Hi i no ive asked this simular question be for about HDMI to HDMI and my TV not working but ive never asked this question be for lol. Any way My graphic card is MSI 670GTX does Nvidia Configuration Surround PhysX have anything to do with picture as well?. As only cable what work on my graphic card to TV is a DVI to HDMIand it comes up and no problems and finds it in the Nvidia Configuration Surround PhysX. If i put DVI to RGB there is no signal and same with HDMI to HDMI. Any way today i tried something different and see if i can explain what i did.

My TV has four HDMI and a RGB for PC and I put DVI to HDMI in the bottom slot of my graphic card and the HDMI into HDMI 1 on my TV and it works as normal. Then i decided at the same time put the DVI to RGB in the top graphic card to TV and it recognized it. Then i put HDMI to HDMI from graphic card to HDMI slot 2 on my tv and that also got recognized. I went into physx config and all 3 displays where on even though i only have 1. I then tried changing the TV over to HDMI 2 and no signal and same with RGB for PC no signal. I only have one graphic card installed as well. Its back to normal now using ust DVI to HDMI and works but Is physx thinking i have 3 TV and need to alter any settings to make it so it knows i only have 1 or do i have crap card?.


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I use nVidia hooked up to my HDTV, but don't quite understand your question.

What are you trying to do?