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So I am wrapping up my very first PC build to dive into gaming on the PC. I've always been a console player since Atari 2600. I bought a qualified AMD GPU and now get three free games. Some of them I never heard of but they sound decent. I'm looking for some fellow guidance. My gaming taste is very eclectic from racing to fps to action to RPG to etc.

Link to free games

I was looking at Star Citizen and Alien Isolation. I also was a fan of the older Tomb Raisers and Dirt series. Sniper Elite 3 looks ok.

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@Qwikstreet: Well, as I look at the games that I would normally choose (Tomb Raider, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs), I realized you can probably get them fairly cheap on Steam or some other game download site. What I would probably do is choose games that are more expensive but I have some interest in.

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@Qwikstreet: I own (and played) all of those games except for 2. Tomb Raider and Alan Wake would be my top picks and then I'd choose Alien: Isolation mainly because it's the most expensive since it's not even out yet. I'd avoid Star Citizen since it's not a finished game. Avoid Sniper Elite like the plague. DiRT 3 is okay but it was the decline of the series with it's dumb as hell gymkhana bullshit. Tomb Raider and Alan Wake both have absolutely sick graphics and will really show off the graphics card well.

1) Tomb Raider

2) Alan Wake

3) Alien: Isolation

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I would look in to some of the indie games on Steam. 7 days to die is pretty good. Make sure you have a decent video card and 8-16gb of ram. You will find with most pc gamers, it's just as much about having a nice pc as playing the games.

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@sixty7velle said:

Make sure you have a decent video card and 8-16gb of ram.

No game uses 8GB let alone 16GB. 8GB is fine.

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@Qwikstreet: I would choose Napolean Total War, Alien Isolation, and Sleeping Dogs from that list. You might decide to substitute Alien Isolation for Tomb Raider, Just Cause 2, or Saints Row since it isn't out yet and we are unsure of it's quality. Those would be my choices from that list, having played most of those games.

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There is also ALOT of good quality free games out there, including free-to-play. Although some free-to-play titles are pay-to-win.