Non Fantasy mideval games?

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I was just watching a really good movie about how the true mideval times were and it got me thinking. I would love to play a game set in that time period. So My question is do any of you know a good game in this time period.

I am looking for something without spells, wizards and fantasy in general. As for genera, while I would prefer open world, i would settle for MMO, RTS, Action.

Games that I have played already That fit this are the mount & blade games, Rome total war(think that was the name, was awhile ago) and all the assassins creed games, tho most of them are not quite in the period im looking for minus the first one. Most the others I can find all seem to have some element of fantasy. Really looking for something based in reality. Being based in history would be even better. I also do not mind when the game game out, came out in 1999 you say? awesome. Coming out next year? thats cool also. Thanks in advance.

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how about Ryse: Sony Of Rome. Set during the fall of the Roman Empire, need an Xbox One though.

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guess i should have specified for pc, tho did not think i needed to considering I posted in the pc section haha. That game does look fantastic but I dont play console games :P

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You should check out Chivalry. It is multiplayer only, but it is a blast to play.

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@Xeogua said:

You should check out Chivalry. It is multiplayer only, but it is a blast to play.

Yeah iv played it, its a fairly fun game. Forgot to put that in my original post :P

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Stronghold and Crusader kicks complete ass.

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I havent played Medieval II: Total War but I really enjoyed the newer TW games. There's a demo on Steam.

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Well if you don't mind strategy games then you should definitely give Medieval II Total War a shot, especially if you liked Rome.

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Medieval 2: Total War is good and has a large number of mods available that will make it even better. You may also try Mount & Blade. I haven't played it myself, but many people report that it's a good game. It's a sandbox style game, too, so that may be what you're after.

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I too have been looking for a good Middle Ages action/adventure game for a long time now, but for some reason game developers can't conceive medieval without magic and dragons. Assassin's Creed 1 is indeed the only game that managed to keep it historical (fortunately for us, it was excellent).

If you're willing to settle for strategy games, DEFINITELY play Medieval II Total War. If you haven't done so, give Age of Empires 2 and Stronghold 1 a try too - they're old, but still very enjoyable.

If you like city-building games, keep an eye out for Medieval Mayor. I don't know if this game is ever going to see the light of the day, but it looks promising. There's also this game called Medieval Lords, but I have never tried it.

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Medieval: Total War or Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. They're both PC exclusives and they're both great games.

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Game of thrones had a pretty realistic vibe to it.. it had a bit of fantsay and magic but its not like the other fantasy works.. and the game is quite good with a solid story.. you can also try Europa Unversalis or Crusader Kings though they are quite difficult to get into.

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Medieval 2 Total War (if you're into strategy)

Stronghold [the original game] (if you're into strategy) - the title is pretty old but it's worth it IMO

War of the Roses - free to play title on Steam, similar to Chivalry

Mount and Blade - free title, the original game that Chivalry and War of the Roses were inspired of

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