Next Car Game made over $1 million after one week in ....

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Here some new news about Bugbear's Next Car Game:

Next Car Game made over $1 million after one week in Early Access

Here the news release:

Next Car Game made over $1 million dollars in one week

We're very proud to announce that the official Early Access launch of our titular demolition racing game, aptly titled Next Car Game, has been a huge success. The game was officially launched on Steam mid-January, and it instantly took the Steam Top Sellers chart by storm. In total, the game made over $1,000,000 during one week in sales through our own pre-order site and Steam.

This is an amazing success for a racing game, especially considering our tough road to the success. Along the way we pitched the game to numerous publishers in the hopes that the game would eventually get released. Unfortunately we receive the same response all over again – there were no market for a game like ours. Come on, who would want to race and crash with such old beaters? Well, we would! Because of that we didn't give up, but instead chose to seek crowd-funding on Kickstarter. However, we experienced another setback when our Kickstarter campaign didn't reach the goal we were aiming for.

However, we still believed in the game, and we decided to release a playable technology sneak peek. We were literally awe-struck by the great response the sneak peek received. The pre-order sales skyrocketed, and we reached and actually topped our original Kickstarter funding goal in just week! And most importantly: the success showed us that the players believed in the game.

The players will also be the ones to benefit the most from the success of the game. Thanks to our awesome fans, we finally have a chance to make the game we always intended and shape it into a definite demolition racing experience the players have been yearning for years. We already have some really great new stuff in the works, and if you have any ideas on what you'd like to see in the game, don't hesitate to visit our community forum and let us know!

Next Car Game is currently available on Steam and at

Visit to download a free technology sneak peek!

Next Car Game's vehicular destruction in 11 GIFs

Look like Bugbear got a winner on their hands. :)

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#2 Posted by Horgen (116618 posts) -

I sitll wonder what the final name for the game will be.

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I can't wait for this. I loved the hellout of the first two flatout games, and especially Ultimate Carnage.

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seriously? thats amazing

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That's cool, I had a lot of fun with the game, they just need to improve the sound effects. What's the point of such great crashes without good sfx?

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Good news, hopefully it will develop into something great.

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Good for them!

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Never played any of the Flatout games. But good for them!

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It look like Bugbear is now going to post a weekly report. Here the first one:

First of all, we’re sorry that we’ve been more or less flying under the radar since our first update in January. The response to our Early Access launch on Steam was tremendous, and to be honest we’ve had our hands full with answering all the feedback and figuring out a roadmap for the remainder of the development according to your feedback.

However, that’s not to say we’ve been just kicking our heels. The second update is incoming next week, and it will contain some great new content as well as significant gameplay improvements. The highlights include a completely new cinematic camera mode for taking great screenshots, highly customizable races with both lap and opponent count settings, rotating steering wheels, a plenty of new upgrade parts such as different types of differentials, another chase camera higher and further back, more precise gameplay damage, as well as a hefty amount of small but important improvements and tweaks. More about the details next week!

One thing that we know many of you are anxiously waiting for are new cars, and we’re happy to let you know that the update will see an addition of a typical 80s style American sedan. It has more weight to it than either of the cars that are now included while it’s perhaps not as maneuverable. We’re pretty confident that it will offer a great new race and derby experience. Naturally the car comes with a set of upgrade parts.

And that’s not all. A figure 8 style track is probably something that many players will consider as *the* derby track, so we thought we’d put one in! That’s right, the next update will contain a modified version of the derby arena with a figure 8 track built inside it. The space is pretty confined so speeds never get that high, but imagine the chaos and destruction with all 24 cars going after each other in such a small space!

Some teaser screenshots of the new car on the figure 8 track:

The discussion on our community forum at has been as lively as ever, with lengthy discussions going on regarding all aspects of the game. We’re also pleased to introduce two community moderators, Usmovers_02 and Majatek, that will be helping us run the forum. Both are long-time Next Car Game enthusiasts with a broad knowledge about the game. Be sure to say hello to them and join the discussion!

See you next week!

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Bugbear release build 3 today.

I did up a video on my first 3 tries on the figure 8 track with the new car. :)

Loading Video...

If got a good sound system, turn up the volume! :)

No triple t-bone yet!! Got few single T-bones and a few near misses.

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#11 Posted by Horgen (116618 posts) -

Gonna dl the new build right away! Or whatever it said I could dl in the mail.

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That does look rather fun...

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Here some screenshots players are taking with the new camera mode in Build #3. You can pause the action and then free roam with camera to fine the prefect pic.

The all-awesome screenshot thread

Tip - Right click pic, then View Image to see the whole picture.

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#14 Posted by Horgen (116618 posts) -

I gotta DL the new build.. Maybe while I am at work?

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Its great when kickstarter kicks in an save screw you publishers..The game looks amazing i may pick it up..Looks like fun who doesnt want to wreck cars on a race track lol..

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A repost fom Bugbear's Weekly Report (Mar 08) thread:

A community screenshot by SensenM4nn.

Another busy week down! The development of the title is rolling on at a steady pace on many fronts. A majority of our coding team has been concentrating on developing our engine, while the level and art teams have been creating – you guessed it – new cars and tracks. We’re going to give you a teaser of those when we have a bit more to show, but this time we’re going to talk a bit about the forthcoming replay feature as well as a few common issues our community has encountered with the game.

Like said, the first iteration of our replay feature is now almost completed. Jani has been working on it for some weeks now, and he’s managed to pack in some pretty neat features. The way it works is that it will record the whole event, and afterwards you can simply let the replay roll and watch the whole barrage of twisted metal again in different camera perspectives or even in your custom one by using the free camera functionality. It will also feature time controls (slowing down and speeding up for those cool slow-motion shots), camera lock to target car (follow), target switching, pause and resume, as well as depth-of-field and field-of-view settings. In short, all the tools you might need to create your perfect cinematic video!

We also have some great news to those using multiple controllers to play the game, for example separate wheels and pedals. Currently the game only supports single controller at a time, and while that is of course not a problem if you use a wheel and pedals from the same set by plugging the pedals directly to the wheel, it makes it impossible plug both the wheel and the pedals directly to the system via an USB connection. Thanks to Tapio all that will change with the next update, after which the game will support multiple simultaneous controllers. The next update will contain quite a few other controller support improvements as well; complete details when the update is out.

A community screenshot by Conte Zero.

Speaking of controllers, quite a few of you have voiced your concern that the handling is currently too sluggish with a gamepad, taking away much of the fun. We’re glad to let you know that we agree with you, and we’ve been working this week to improve the situation. The reason why we introduced slower steering rate in the first place was to make the cars easier to control without any driving assists by preventing the player from making too drastic countersteering measures to combat fishtailing, but now in retrospect it does seem like we jumped the gun and made a too hasty decision on how to improve the situation. We’re of course still working on the handling (probably will be all the way until the end!), but we’re confident that we’ll be back on track with the next update, and we’re already really looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Oh, and before I forget: we’ve also received quite a lot of feedback that the AI controlled cars have too little mass in player vs. AI collisions, making it possible for the player to plow through scores of AI opponents without too much difficulty. We’ve heard you, and there’s an improvement coming for that too in the next build.

That covers the most important news, but we still have a little treat for the end. A talented YouTube user jaimswallace has produced an amazing cinematic trailer for Next Car Game, and what’s even more amazing is that he did it without the forthcoming replay feature! If you haven’t already done so, check out jaimswallace’s video at and don’t forget to subscribe for more explosive action!

Thanks to everyone for thoughtful feedback, we really appreciate it.

Janne Suur-Näkki, game designer


Be sure to checkout jaimswallace great video. :)

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#18 Posted by illmatic87 (17933 posts) -

@jimmy_russell said:

It would be cool if I could find a racing game that is taken very seriously. I'm a professional racing car driver in real life, but the hobby is very expensive. A new set of racing slicks for a day at the track is roughly $5000. The gas we use is high-octane and we burn through it quickly. That's the beauty of a racing game, you don't need to worry about the overhead costs. :)

Seriously as in competitively?

R Factor and iRacing have their own communities, but it's not as expansive as the real thing (with prize money, tournaments etc.)

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#19 Posted by blangenakker (3240 posts) -

They've got no excuse for it not to see the light of day now.

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already pre-ordered. not much to play yet, but i bet it's gonna be awesome. loved Flatouts. physics + racing = pure fun, and there's not much good racing games on PC to begin with. i hope they include a killer soundtrack for this too.

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A new weekly report got posted today. Report got delayed last week because Bugbear Dev Ben was out with bronchitis.

Dev Update (Apr 4)

Here some pics from post:

The smaller derby stadium (check out our new driver!)

New 3D spectator pic.

Because a lot of the Bugbear Devs were sick last week or 2, Build #4 been delayed until next week.

Janne Suur-Näkki >>>

Sorry to keep your folks waiting, we know that you're all anxious to get your hands on the new build. We were really hopeful that we'd get to roll out the update this week but since we still have quite a few loose ends I'm afraid we won' t be able to get it out until sometime next week. The update will not be 'major' in the sense that there would be a lot of new content, instead it will mostly contain improvements and bug fixes on what we already have (that said, improved handling is in!), with the more significant changes being rolled out at a later date. I know quite a few of you are looking forward to improved damage system, more complete car upgrading and proper scoring among other exciting features, but they take quite a bit of time to implement right and for the most part they cannot be implemented in small steps at a time in order to make sure that the build remains functional and playable. Needless to say, we are working on the above mentioned features among other stuff, and they will be implemented in the public build as soon as we're satisfied that everything's working like we want.

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#23 Posted by Cloud_imperium (14348 posts) -

I'm glad that they are receiving the success that they deserve . Due to lack of coverage from troll websites like gamespot , their crowd funding had failed but now they have received even more money that they needed through early access . This game is turning out be really fun experience .

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Bugbear release new Build #4 yesterday and posted a new update:

Update #3 2014-04-17

It’s time for a SANDPIT SHAKEDOWN! The latest update of NEXT CAR GAME is here, and it will see you transported right back to where it all started from: a good, old-fashioned sandpit! That’s right folks, the update contains a new sandpit race track very much like the ones you’ve all learned to love from our previous games. The classic sandpit environment with its sweeping corners, hefty hillocks and treacherous sand banks is admittedly one of the greatest fan-favorites, and the latest incarnation, albeit still very much work-in-progress, is guaranteed to make a perfect setting for some serious, no-holds-barred racing.

The update also contains a new replay mode that makes it possible to watch the whole glorious race again from every imaginable perspective. Naturally we’ve also included all the usual goodies such as depth-of-field, slow motion and fast forward, target locking, selectable field-of-view, and so on. The user interface will see a complete rework later down the road, but even now there’s no reason to make the best crashtastic video ever and share it with the whole world!

Other than that the update features two new derby stadiums as well as a number of improvements, many of which were done based on community feedback. One of the most significant additions is the support for more than one simultaneous controller, so now you can finally drive like a boss with separate wheels and pedals. Also, the suspension and tire physics have been enhanced, and as a result the handling feels more natural than ever. We’ve also increased the responsiveness of the gamepad controls, as requested by many.

Needless to say, the update also contains an ample amount of other improvements and fixes. Please see below for the most significant changes:

Was surprise to learn this about the new sandpit track: :o

Adenru >>>

Going uphil in sandpit I couldn't but noticed I raced there yesterday... In FlatOut 1. The beginning also reminds me of prototype.

Track feels exactly like FlatOut should be.

Ben >>>

A lot of people really liked the prototype track and since it wasn't in Flatout we were free to use it. So it actually is the prototype track but enhanced for our newer engine. We'll be improving on it still and it's only a work in progress at this point.

Bugbear goes "retro flat-out" - prototype track


Here some pics I took with the replay feature: :)

Here a pic of what a more advance GUI will look like for NCG replay feature ( the pic is long so I posted a link instead ):

If you have not pre-ordered Next Car Game yet and news about Build #4 has got you interested, Bugbear got an Easter Holiday Steam sale going on right now ( 33% off ):

Or you still can pre-order NCG at Bugbear site and give them some extra support:

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#25 Posted by Tuzolord (1405 posts) -

Played for 2hours and made a video showcasing its nice physics :P if you loved flatout this seems its going to be even better

Loading Video...

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#26 Posted by MaddenBowler10 (8978 posts) -

Wonder if my Geforce 555m will be able to run this..

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#27 Posted by Behardy24 (5324 posts) -

If they made a million dollars while still in early access, they must be doing something right.

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#28 Posted by groowagon (4595 posts) -

@behardy24 said:

If they made a million dollars while still in early access, they must be doing something right.

well they made Flatouts, so they know how to deliver a racing game.

i bought this and tried it a little bit and i really like the physics too. it's in very early stage though. this game really needs a soundtrack to accompany all the mayhem, so i'm reserving it for later. can't wait for the final game.

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Markiplier just did a video on this game I guess we can expect more sales for it.

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@MaddenBowler10 said:

Wonder if my Geforce 555m will be able to run this..

Laptop video cards like what you got, struggle at running NCG.

Checkout this thread > Share your PC and performance

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#31 Posted by groowagon (4595 posts) -
@blangenakker said:

Markiplier just did a video on this game I guess we can expect more sales for it.

the Sneak Peek tech-demo stuff is amazing. someone should make a carcombat game like Carmageddon with this engine. such physics!

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@blangenakker said:

Markiplier just did a video on this game I guess we can expect more sales for it.

You mean this video:

Loading Video...

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#33 Posted by MaddenBowler10 (8978 posts) -

@OnionGulch said:

@MaddenBowler10 said:

Wonder if my Geforce 555m will be able to run this..

Laptop video cards like what you got, struggle at running NCG.

Checkout this thread > Share your PC and performance

Disappointing but not surprised. So be it though :[

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Bugbear release a new hotfix patch for Next Car Game Friday. Patch fix the problems pad players have been having since Build #3. Pad players are now happy and enjoying the new Sandpit track.

Loading Video...

Loading Video...

Edit: Just found this: :O

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Game looks fucking hilarious lol.

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#36 Posted by Postosuchus (590 posts) -

The detailed destruction here is ridiculous. I'm sad I missed the kickstarter but will definitely pick up a copy when finished.

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#37 Posted by G-Lord (2141 posts) -

@Postosuchus: The Kickstarter campaign was aborted anyway, just get the early access version on STEAM or preorder it on their site if you are interested in trying it early:

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#38 Posted by soolkiki (1783 posts) -

I've been Watching JackSepticEye playing this from occasion to occasion. It's definitely a game that looks like fun!

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New post from Bugbear Dev:

Got Multiplayer?

Janne Suur-Näkki >>>

We're developing the multiplayer component as we speak, but since there are still quite a lot of loose ends I'm afraid we can't give a definite release window just yet. It's more or less the case of 'when it's done', i.e. when we're happy with the features and feel that it's robust enough for you folks to test. But sure enough, it's coming.

Like Purple remembered, we were indeed doing some multiplayer testing last year, but that was with our previous technology that we decided to scrap altogether as it turned out to be too unreliable and write a new, shiny one just to prevent the connectivity issues mentioned in this thread. Like said, multiplayer is one of the most important features of the game, if not the most important, and we really want to get it right.

Would this new code mean more than 12 players online??

Here another pic from the The all-awesome screenshot thread:

Link to full size image -

Another thread worth checking out is NCG Video Thread [Youtube] with new videos being done with the new replay feature in Build #4. 8)

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I so want to get this, why oh why did I get rid of my copy of the first FlatOut

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#41 Posted by G-Lord (2141 posts) -

@blangenakker: Just rebuy it on GoG ;)

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Talk about "Hulk Mode" activated. I vant this very much.

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I just watch this new video a couple of times now. I think it worth watching. :)

Loading Video...

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Bugbear got to test out a new Fanatec wheel. Bugbear has a nice setup to test new wheel with Next Car Game. Give Bugbear new post a read and be sure to checkout the video. :D

Our Driving Force

Also Bugbear is in the process of overhauling the ROMU engine for NCG:

Slow News Month

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#45 Posted by Stinger78 (5844 posts) -

They should just name it CARnage. If it sees retail, they should make it clear about being the creators of FlatOut.

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Here some multiplayer news:,836.msg44669.html#msg44669

Purple44 >>>

Good news, Bugbear been using LAN with NCG. :D,5143.0.html

Ben Lind >>>

As I said most of it is behind the scenes stuff and nothing major contentwise. We've had to fix a lot of stuff that got broken both in code and on the art side as well. A couple things that might be interesting though...

The visual deformation should now affect the mechanical damage and therefore match a lot better. The mechanical damage is calculated by how much the geometry moves instead of being separate.

We've done some successful LAN tests and it's a lot of fun but not entirely there yet as there are still a few bugs to iron out. Not sure if it'll make this update yet so don't hate me if it doesn't.

Saw Ben mention LAN over at the Steam forum this morning, so I had to reply.

Purple44 >>>

Ben Lind >>>

We've also been doing some successful LAN testing here and there's still a few bugs to fix but it looks pretty promising at the moment. Hopefully that will make it into the next update as well but I can't say for sure yet.

LAN, did I read LAN!! that good news. That will make a lot of Flatout fans happy that still do LAN partys. :)

And if there a working LAN mode, will we be able to use Tunngle to take NCG online???? Like we did with Flatout 1 and 2. If so, then that would take some pressure off Bugbear on getting multiplayer ready to test. We could do some testing through Tunngle. :)

Ben Lind >>>

I don't have any specifics yet but currently you can host via the game menu and others in the same network can search for your game and connect to you. We'll know more a bit later.

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Development of this seems really slow or are they just holding stuff back for bigger patches?

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#48 Posted by MBirdy88 (12230 posts) -

@nutcrackr said:

Good news, hopefully it will develop into something great.

give it 3 years.... and probably not. such is the current history of early access.

Maybe divinity original sin will be the first to break this cycle... but lets be honest, that was far into developement even before its kickstarter.

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#49 Posted by ShepardCommandr (4841 posts) -

idiots keep buying early scam games will destroy this industry

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#50 Posted by naz99 (2808 posts) -

@ShepardCommandr said:

idiots keep buying early scam games will destroy this industry

Bought them played them loved them, money well spent,your nonsense falls on deaf ears