New Video Card error

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So I installed a new card (HD 7770) into my system and ran the drivers that came with the CD

But when I tried to play a game (Fallout 3) it gave me this error:

"Failed to initialize renderer"

I tried running other game with no luck.

Seems like the computer doesn't recognize my card for some reason

Any ideas?

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Try updating drivers from amd's website using there automatic finder tool that you download. If it recognizes a card you are in good shape. If it doesn't (you could also download gpu-z) then come back on here and post because more than likely it is a physical problem.

Now just to make the obvious questions. Your display (monitor, tv, etc...) is plugged into the GRAPHICS card and not the place that you would have had it before having a dedicated gpu.

Did you plug in the power cables into the side of the gpu?

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NEVER install drivers from CD, download it from the web.

After being installed "right click" on desktop > AMD Catalyst Control Center > Information > Hardware - should display your HD7XXX series.

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#4 Posted by HurricaneHugo (40807 posts) -

Downloading the drivers from the website worked!