new to PC, are there any good sport games (multiplayer)

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Ok, I used to have a PC for gaming years ago, and there was all kinda stuff out, I remember playing Motocross Madness and Madness 2, Startcraft, etc all those games.. So I didn't have one for a while, had a 360 and now a Xbox One, and decided to get back into PC gaming.. been playing Titanfall on it, and love it... But there seems to be a shortage of games released for PC.. Are t here any sport games that you can play multiplayer online that are still active? any football? basketball,etc, or car racing or motocross racing? theres not even a Nascar game out now is there? I u sed to have the wheel and everthing for older PC and it was pretty intense fun...

are develolpers just not releasing everthing for PC now because of the consoles? what some games u recommend?

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NBA2K14 was pretty good, and FIFA 14 is glorious except for the Origin part. Don't expect any American football games though; EA has the license for those and they stopped after '08 because of laziness "piracy." Virtua Tennis 4 is also fun in a weird way.

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DotA 2

It's an eSport ;)

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Football Manager and Fifa 14 cover football, I cant really comment on other sports I only pay attenion to football

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FIFA on PC, does it have all the features as the console version? -Just did a quick search, something about it using the old engine. Maybe next seasons game will be full release on PC

What are the graphics like and is multiplayer popular enough to always get a game?

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iRacing, Dirt, Grid, Project Cars (upcoming)

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Are you using Steam? There is no shortage of games there, good sir. More games than you could ever play in several lifetimes. Good ones too.

If you like racing, then Project cars will make you fall in love... in the meantime, you can pickup Dirt 3 for cheap.
Sports games, aside from motorsports, kind of fell away from PC a long time ago. Football manager is going strong though - same with FIFA; but that is about it.

Depending what you like, I highly suggest Path of Exile, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2
All 3 are free and all 3 are on steam. Between those three games, they are quite literally the most played PC games each and every day according to steam tracking.

No risk to check them out - and you don't need to spend a dime on 'em.

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If irony = humor I have a good PC sportsgame current story. I am looking at all these rpg, sci-fi, fps, tps, tactical games in my catalog. The Summer Steam sale is on and there is nothing I have to have. Then I notice, I don't have one sports game, not one.

I used to enjoy some of the earliest Sega box John Maddens in college and even Ice Hockey for the NES in high school. I thought, "Jees. It's a total 'beard-neck' nerdy thing to have all these sci-fi games and not one sports game."

So, I spend $7 on the summer sale and got 2k14 NBA basketball. Good enough game I'm sure, but oh, man, the irony is, never did I feel like more of a beard-neck then practicing layups in the tutorial when I could've been outside doing actual layups.

That is not to rip on sportsgames at all, but it was weird that I got the exact opposite affect then what I intended. Oh, well. It's only $7 and I'm not totally abandoning it just yet.