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My copy of fallout (off ebay) did not come with an instructions guide. I have been searching for ages now, and can't seem to find a control guide. I have managed to figure out pretty much everything I need to know except one thing: HOW DO YOU MAKE TARGETED SHOTS? I tried every button on the keyboard while in combat mode and it only worked once, but its 1 am now and I guess I didn't pay attention to the key I pressed XD. Could have sworn i was holding down shift and it activated it but i tried it again in another battle and it didn't work. Hmm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and no I did not choose the trait that does not allow you to do targeted shots.

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Right click on the weapon frame in the main window. That allows you to choose single, single aimed, burst, reload, etc. depending on the weapon of choice. You will recognize the aimed shot selection when you see a small circular icon in one of the corners (I think it is the lower left one) of the weapon frame.
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I hade the same problem when i first played it :lol:
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Haha XD Thanks for the help guys!
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If I recall correctly, either F1 or F2 will bring up a help menu that will tell you all the controls and key combinations. Hope that helps.
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It's nice to see someone playing fallout for the firsttime after all these years.
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No manual? That's kind of a bummer because Fallout 1 & 2 have excellent manuals. They're probably the best game manuals I've ever seen and they are way better than the flimsy dreck that gets passed off as a game manual these days.
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It's nice to see someone playing fallout for the firsttime after all these years.Citan76

You're going to see a bunch of newcomers to Fallout since Fallout 3 is going to be released next year.

I remember checking on the week the Fallout 3 teaser was shown. The Fallout Collection was one of the top 10 selling PC games, I think now its dropped into the top 50. Still, like you said, its always great to see someone play Fallout for the first time.

"Better late than never." I say. :)