new GS working bad

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Is it only me? or GS is working really bad with tons of load times? it's been all this time since the new style

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I am also having the same problem. The load times are extremely long and it sometimes freezes and I never can get onto Gamespot. Clicking on the community link is much worse than the mainpage.

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I was having the same problem for a couple of days, but it's working about like the old site now. I still have quite a few complaints, though. Combining the hardware forums into PC gaming sucks, obviously, no more manual html linking, so creating links is slower and more cumbersome, I have to keep an eye on the number of posts in a thread to know if there are new messages, and no more gifs in signatures are my main complaints...

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I am not sure what this has to do with PC and Mac games.

While i can relate to and understand all your frustrations, it does not help your cause disrupting other forums.

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