Need old version of Skyrim mod, anyone got it? SMIM v 1.49

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Just started to replay Skyrim, and am now using Texture Pack Combiner, and need an older non steam workshop version of Static Mesh Imporvement mod. I need either version 1.49, or version 1.43, anyone know where to find them, or care to upload them for me? I have searched all over. Literally, everywhere. Even torrents of mod packs, with no luck.

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You can install the files listed in the texture pack combiner manually, which is what I did. I would offer to upload my data folder for you, but it's 20GB in size, and I wouldn't even know where to upload a file that large...

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@superclocked: Hey, thanks for the reply, that's what I will do then. I just thought that I would go ahead and comment on the Texture Pack Combiner, since I've already ran the batch file without SMiM. It seems to me, that the textures are a little muddy, in comparison to just running SMIM, and 2K textures, or something else.

Have you noticed this, or have you only played it with TPC?

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I installed it last year, complete with every recommended mod, and the game looks amazing. I haven't found a blurry texture yet. I also installed a few additional mesh and texture mods that had textures not listed in the texture pack combiner, though. Here they are, though I may have simplified a couple of the link names back then...