Need Help Choosing Video Capture Card for my Xbox360

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#1 Posted by YakumoWarZ (144 posts) -

I need some expierenced people to tell me what is the best video capture card for recording myself play xbox360 straight to my pc.  Example:  I want to stream the xbox360 to my pc so I can play without any delay in video and choose to record what I am doing at any point.  I found several good video capture cards but none really talk about videogame streaming.

- Play xbox360 on PC through video in card without any noticable delay
- Record what I am doing on my pc in nice quality  (audio & video)

So what do you think I should get to capture/play my xbox360 through my pc?

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Perhaps Adaptec's GameBridge?  I ordered one very recently and I should get it either today or tomorrow to try it out on my Gamecube and other older systems.  I don't know if it works with the Xbox 360 (since I don't have one), but it seems to support the Xbox though.  Beyond this, I don't know.