Need a Game Similar to Bioshock

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#1 Posted by youknowlifesuck (73 posts) -
Im buying my girlfriends dad a game for christmas and i know he really likes bioshock. What is a game that he would enjoy that would be similar to bioshock. Suggestions please.
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#2 Posted by DarkRecruit (3391 posts) -
System shock 2
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#3 Posted by harrisi17 (4010 posts) -
well System Shock 2 is the most like bioshock, but its older. For a newer game, I would try STALKER. I really liked it and it is in a very small way like bioshock. Or just get him any shooter, a good one is the orange box, The Orange Box has HL2, ep1 and 2, portal and team fortress 2 for multiplayer. It is great for anyone especially if they haven';t played the half life games.
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#4 Posted by Udsen (3389 posts) -
Yeah, probably System Shock 2.
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#5 Posted by the_bi99man (11244 posts) -

System shock 2DarkRecruit

Yeah, that's the no-brainer. But, like the last guy said, STALKER is a very good newer game that's kind of like Bioshock. You should find out if your girlfriend's dad liked Bioshock mostly for the gameplay, or if he really liked the story. If he's the type who has the bookshelf next to his computer desk loaded with Ayn Rand books (like my dad), then he probably fell in love with the Bioshock story about 5 minutes in. Then only grew fonder as it went on...

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#6 Posted by StephenHu (2852 posts) -
STALKER, Deus Ex, or System Shock 2-
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#7 Posted by foxhound_fox (96957 posts) -
Look no further than the game that BioShock was molded (nearly exactly, just missing several of the key features) from: System Shock 2
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STALKER, Deus Ex, or System Shock 2-StephenHu

Nailed 'em lol.

Yeah and Bioshock is System Shock 2's bastard child. Which is way more "dumbed down" except in graphics and the AI isn't as Dynamic. Can't blame it though cuz it's friggin' old.