Need a FAST, NO LAG, game screen recorder

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I am looking for a fast game screen recorder, fraps sucks now. It runs from 25 - 30 fps, my RAM is 512, so yeah....Anyone got a good recorder with No Lag?

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what are you looking to record
is use we game

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You might have a hard time running anything along with a game with that little system memory. I'd suggest getting at least 2GB if this is important to you (DDR2, of course -- If you have DDR, it's not worth it).
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im looking for a fast and no lag screen recorder too but all of them sucks
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No matter what you guys try you won't find "no lag" recording software if your system isn't powerful enough to handle them, it takes a fair bit of power to record in game so your only bet would be to upgrade (in this case, i'm guessing your computer isn't all that good since it only has 512mb ram) although i've herd there are better programs than fraps for recording, it is still likely none of them will run without lag on your computer.

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The problem lies in your rig. If you only have 512 MB RAM, I assume your other components are a bit lacking. If it IS indeed only the RAM that's low, just upgrade it. Ram is hella cheap these days.
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