My Turtle Beach Headphones won't work on Windows 7.

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I recently bought a pair of headphones, the kind I got was the Turtle Beach X11 Force headphone for the Xbox 360. They work amazingly well and sound great when hooked up to my TV. However, when I hook them up to my pc, the mic works but the sound continues to go through my speakers and not my headphones. I am running windows 7. I tried to make sure they are hooked up right and they are. Yet, I can't seem to figure out what is making the sound not to come through the headphones. I wen't into control panel and the sound devices and it didn't even show headset or anything. If someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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i don't know if this helps but here you go

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have you tried to get PC driver for it? a quick search of TB site turned this up.

seems only these models work in windows 7, if thats true then id return those if possible and get ones that are assured to work on your OS. AA_Micro, AA_Micro II, AA_Amigo, AA_SRM, AK-R8, Riviera and Montego DDL

i dont really know i may completely off here but it seems to be a console only headset with no PC drivers. although the video posted above says you can connect to PC. i dont know what to belive currently.

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You didn't bother to read the manual, did you? The X11 is not a USB headset and does not have any drivers. The USB on the cable is ONLY for power. You have to plug in the green jack on the X11 to your computer. (Pink is for the mic). So obviously the reason why the sound is coming out of your speakers is because you still have them plugged in and haven't connected the X11 so that the sound is in the headset. If you need both your speakers and headset connected at the same time, you will need a 3.5mm splitter that will allow for two outputs from the same jack.