My thoughts on PC gaming. Coming from the perspective of a console gamer for 15 years.

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I love PC gaming, but I respect consoles. I must say that I play Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen and my PC perform great with the PC Controllers at

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@illusionary said:

So in conclusion, I have had a FAR better gaming experience within my 3 months as a PC gamer than my 15 years as a console gamer. I don't see a reason to ever go back to be honest.

Yeah, that's why they call it "the PC gaming master race" :D

Joking aside, PC gaming is simply much better in every area. Console gaming is basically just a compromise; you get at least something for less money. On PC, you get everything. Only thing you lose compared to consoles are some great console exclusive titles, but other than that, PC is the definitive gaming platform. Just remember to buy a gamepad, because some games simply play better with it (like fighting games and console ports etc, most games that were designed for a gamepad in the firstplace), even if you would play most games, especially online games, with keyboard and mouse.

I still do buy consoles for great exclusives though (bought PS4 only for Bloodborne, and it's still the only game i have for it), but PC will always remain my main platform.

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@attirex: I'm form the deep south up in Kentucky, and West Virginia, and yes I've lived in trailer parks . They are not that bad actually, besides the major drug problem everyone seems to have there. The only problem I had was that most of the places around there didn't have central AC, and it got fucking hot in the summer.

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@thehig1: Yeah, boxing is pretty much being replaced by MMA, in the lime light.

Unfortunately for any combat sports fans such games these days are exclusively handled by EA, a company that has no pride for it's work, and no care for the desire of consumers. They have proven in the past that they will suck out the soul of a game then toss it aside like a corporation of vampires. Take dead space for instance, they tried to make it into something no one wanted, because they thought people did want it. Then they shut down Visceral because the game didn't do well, because yeah, it was their fault. Why? Because they are not gamers. They are out of touch old men with business degrees,. Hardly qualified for the role they inhabit.

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@groowagon: @bowman321:

I have an Xbone controller that I use for games that just don't have enjoyable KB&M controls Like the Dark Souls series. But as I'm still not fully adjusted to KB&M yet I use it for everything possible.

Exclusives are a subjective plus for consoles, as I said before there are very few games I care for that are exclusive to consoles.

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Exactly, consoles are just a compromise! Bu I am glad I started there. Controllers and joysticks give me much freedom when playing flight and racing games. What would be elite dangerous without my favorite joystick on Safetomatic: the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Controller

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The Last of Us is the only reason i want PS4... :D

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I built a gaming pc about 6 years ago..... since then the only time I turned on a console was to play the last of us. The next time I will turn it on is to play the last of us 2.

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Yeah, I can completely relate on the game prices. I just bought all the Arkham games for less than $30 and afterwards I was thinking "why did I stick with consoles all those years." I mean, it's just completely ridiculous how out of proportion it is nowadays.

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Well I am a console gamer but you do have a point, I have seen that PC gamers have a much huger collection of games generally because the market is much cheaper and you can get half the stuff from steam. That is why I buy my games second hand so that I can get them cheaper. I do play on the PC sometimes. Nice to share your thoughts.

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I switched to PC years ago but you must remember one important thing not everyone can afford a nice PC that can play new games at resolutions of 1080p, 1440p and now 4K especially right now with the Crypto currency Video Card prices. A $499.99 XBOX One X and $399.99 for a PS4 Pro is a deal to someone who wants to game compared to $1,500+ on a PC.

One more thing please be careful with all those nice Humble, Steam, GOG, Uplay, Origins sales. Ive spent hundreds of dollars on games I haven't even touched. I have over 250 PC games and about 225 of them I will probably never play.

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to be fair

as someone who getting into pc gaming since 2010 and build my rig for 950$ on 2015. i can say that pc gaming is much better in terms of finding budget game.

like i did bought an entire set of assassins creed game (except origins) before. it costs me like 120$ while its no possible to do that on console

also a variety way to tweak is the main perk of being pc gamer

but still. you would need console anyway if you expect AAA+ exclusive game

anyway. welcome aboard to pc gaming. this is my current rig spec btw after several years of upgrade. maybe its exceeded 950$ already lol


Intel Core i5 6500

Kingston HyperX Fury Black DDR4 2400 MHz 2x4GB

MSI B150M Mortar

WDC 2TB SATA3 128MB - 7200 RPM - Gold - WD2005FBYZ

Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB

GALAX Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 - EXOC

Corsair RM550x 80+ Gold Full Modular

Power Logic Armageddon M1G black


Steelseries QCK+ medium size

XBOX one Controller

Logitech G102 Prodigy White

Steelseries Apex M650


Malwarebytes Premium home

Windows 10 Pro x64

Office 365 Student

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@illusionary: my experience with g2a is mixed, they are a grey market seller so were they get there keys from can be dubious.

However most the time you won't run into problems, the time you might is if you buy new releases from Thier.

I bought FIFA 16 from Thier that didn't work, and Dark Souls 3 didn't work at release.

However I've bought 100s of games that have been out at least a few months with no issue

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pcs are better

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@lightowl: anyone ever telling you pc are better ...w ell so many joke their.

but anyhow it shows now that pc and console from a dev point are finale the same. but the Q.A. dept thru needs to get their act together