My Native Resolution is Very Blurry in Games (Please Help!!!)

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Hello everybody, I'm having trouble to get my native resolution clear on Windows 10. I do have a gaming rig, its not really up- to-snuff, but she gets the job done. My Rig


AMD FX 8120 Base Clock: 3.1 GHZ. Overclocked to 3.9 GHZ

Radeon HD 7850 HIS FAN EDITION; Overclocked


So as you can see my gaming rig is not that great, so let me get to the problem. I game on a 720p Toshiba TV 32 INCH. My Windows screen is sharp and clear, but when i put a game its not so clear and sharp. I play some triple AAA I:E Final Fantasy 15, Fortnite, Witcher 3 ETC. When i put the games on 1080p it looks so clear and colorful. Then when i put on 720p it gets really blurry, and jaggies are very apparent. The problem is, my machine is not really able to handle triple aaa games at 1080p, i average around 36 fps on FFXV on average graphic settings (1080p) with lots of stutters. When i put it on 720p i get to 60 FPS with minimal stuttering. But when i put on 720p my game looks terrible, blurry and jaggied but i don't understand why it looks blurry, its my native resolution. I would be getting so much fps in games if i could just get 720p to look good on my native 720p TV. This is the model of the tv you could look it up if want. Toshiba 32c120u.


I don't know what to do, I've tried everything DDU uninstall drivers, Roll Back. But Nothing worked Please help me.

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@snpzfresh-: Try setting the game resolution to 1366x768. That may be the native resolution.

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@BassMan: Thank you for replying Sir BassMan. I tried that its still blurry, I tried to go to Display settings, Advanced settings and hit list all modes. I see 1366x768 i click and then it says desktop resolution is 1366x768, but active signal resolution 1920x1080, so now its trying to downscale the image. But im not 1080p. The thing is, this computer was first connected to a 55 inch samsung, i dont have this tv anymore. does my pc still think its connected to that tv, instead of this one.

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@snpzfresh-: I don't have an answer for you unfortunately. The Windows desktop resolution is independent of the game resolution. You have to set each individually. If you are playing a game at 720p (1280x720), that is a pretty low resolution and there is naturally going to be more noticeable pixels and less detail.

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@BassMan: Ok, thank you for your help. I'll keep seeing what i can do about it.

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If your Graphics card can sport one and you can find the monitor cheep, I'd recommend switching to a DVI cord and investing in a 900p or 1080p monitor which supports that type of cord. Of course you may also need to invest in a cheep pair of pc speakers but if you're willing to look at used monitors you might be able to buy the monitor along with the speakers and cord that for as low as $40 or $50.

But that's just what I'd do.