MY computer is Growling at me!

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Yea, so I need a little help here. Recently (about 2 1/2 weeks now) my computer has been making a rather weird growling sound. I traced the sound to the fan on my video card. It was a little dirty so I cleaned it will an aircompressor and cotton swabs and made sure it was spotless, then put it back in. The thing is, the fan is still growling, it sometimes sounds normal but won't stay that way for more than 30 sec. or so.

So my Question is, why is my video card making these loud noices, and how can I fix it, without buying a whole new video card of course.


P.S. I'm running an Nvidia 8600 GT.

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Perhaps the fan is starting to grind or there is a problem with the ball bearing.

You could try applying a little bit of oil or grease to the ball bearing in the hope that it just requires some lubrication. Be careful when doing this however. Oil won't ruin computer components but it is wise to be careful all the same.

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My best guess without looking at your pc, is that your fan has gotten a little bit warped and is grinding against the side, try taking a closer look at it and see

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get some aftermarket gpu cooler they are way quieter and cool better than the stock. It sound like the fan is about to die.
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This might work. Go into the nvidia control panel and force V-sync on. See if that fixes it.
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If there is no obvious physical problem causing the sound that you can fix I would just get a new GPU cooler to replace the bad one...