MS Laptop 2 or MS Surface Book 2 or something else?

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Hello may I have some advice?

I need a new laptop/tablet. I am thinking either the Surface Book 2 or Laptop 2 or do you have a better recommendation?

I don’t really play games on Windows devices much (I have a Pro and an X).

It’s mainly for work. I use MS Word, Excel extensively, Reuter’s Eikon, Reuter’s Messenger, ICE messenger, Skype and Wechat.

I would normally have all the above open simultaneously plus Chrome with around 10-20 tabs.

The keyboard needs to be excellent as I have to type quite a lot and also the touchpad needs to be good as Excel is annoying on a touchscreen device only (so IPad is out).

Do you have an alternative recommendation at around this price point?

And it has to be well built and last at least 3 years.

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I have an HP Spectre x360. It's fantastic. Light, sleek, aluminum, and surprisingly powerful. I regularly use mine for light workstation tasks thanks to its nvme drive, 16GB RAM, and powerful i7.

I'd definitely check one out - most reviews I have seen of them are absolutely glowing (better than Surface) and I'd concur with my personal experience.

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@xantufrog Thanks for the recommendation (it is way better than the Surface but I think it only comes with i7 in Hong Kong), its a bit too expensive for me. (I need to cough up a family holiday of four to Yunnan next month as well).