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One of my monitors is dying and looking to replace it. I only have a 1060 6gb card so would want something to work well with this card.

ASUS VG248QE is the one I’m looking at. My only concern is it’s already pretty old.

Also would like to keep it under 300, closer to 200 if possible thanks guys!

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Saw AOC Professional U2777PQU(/01) 27" at my friend's - if I had spare money for that - I'd definitely get the one!

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AOC do some nice budgetish 144hz monitors.


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@Random_Matt: Ive got the same GPU. I recommend this monitor even though Mines on 75hz it handles AAA Games on high-ultra.

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If you can spare for asus vg279q, tho 27" is bit too big for 1080p, but it's one of the only IPS panels for 1080p 144hz

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My recommendations are:




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