Monitor Advice Switching from 4K 60hz to 1440p 144hz

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I used to have my PC hooked up to my 50 inch 4K TV, but I wanted to go back to a more traditional desk set up so I thought it made the most sense to buy a 4K monitor. The problem is I only have a 1070 currently and I'm constantly lowering settings to get an acceptable fps or changing the resolution to 1440p. I am planning on upgrading to a 2080 sometime this year. Is it worth it at this point to just step down and get a 1440p 144hz monitor? Or just keep what I have and upgrade my GPU? I hear good things about them but primarily in competitive shooters which I do not play on PC. The scaling on the 4K monitor doesn't bother me at all and I absolutely love it for everything else. I keep hearing that the difference in 1440p and 4k on a monitor this size (28") isn't very noticeable and I've heard different opinions on how 1440p looks on a 4K display.

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unless you have a very large screen for a monitor like 32"+ 4k is needed. 1440p 144hz 27" is the sweet spot or people who sit 2-3 feet away from screen.

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4k/60 to 1440p/144 is actually an upgrade overall. Just keep in mind that a 1070 is not ideal for either situation and a GPU upgrade is in order regardless. Also, make sure your CPU is up to the task of pushing higher frame rates on a 144hz monitor. You don't want it being a bottleneck.

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I chose 1440p 144hz over 4k 60hz with no regrets. The high framerates are well worth it for almost any genre in my opinion. For example, I'm playing dmc v at the moment and it feels very fluid at 144hz.

It's best to test it out for yourself before purchasing though, so you don't end up with any regrets over listening to someone else's opinion.

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@04dcarraher said:

unless you have a very large screen for a monitor like 32"+ 4k is needed. 1440p 144hz 27" is the sweet spot or people who sit 2-3 feet away from screen.

Not really... 32" 1440P monitors are the same PPI as a 24" 1080P monitors, 4K only makes sense when its a 40" panel and I have had one... Going from that 40" 4K panel to my 32" 1440p I have lost nothing in terms of fidelity. Also even on the 40" panel I had to use scaling to 125% to get text readable and at 32" 4K would be worse anything smaller than that would be a nightmare.

A 1440p 32" 144Hz panel is my recommendation, Samsung and LG make great ones.

27" 1440P or 32" 1440P at 144Hz is the best of both worlds for gaming and 4K adds nothing to the experience at all.

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I'm still on the fence, but I'm looking a 27" 144hz Freesync monitor for the Gsync support alone. The thing is, I'm honestly fine with 60fps as long as I can consistently hold it. You can't miss something you never had. I've been PC gaming for about the last six or seven years, but I grew up as a console gamer. So while I've played games of 100fps before, it's more than satisfactory for me to keep it at 60. Hell, playing games consistently at that refresh rate could make me never go back to consoles and since my friends are literally all on console, I still play most of my multiplayer games there. Playing the Division 2 on Xbox One X in 30 fps on low to medium settings sucks, but the trade off of being able to play with missions with my brother who is on the other side of the country as opposed to randoms is worth it even if it's just barely. Honestly my biggest issue is the fact that everyone keeps saying that 1440p on a 4K monitor doesn't look very good. I've played plenty of games at 1440p on this monitor and it's hit or miss, some games it's not noticeable and some are. When I work from home with a 4K monitor it's nice that I can have multiple windows on the same screen making me way more productive than I am with crappy 1080p monitor I have in my office at work. I don't really have the scaling issues in windows that everyone always talks about. I set it to 125% and it works across everything that I use.