MMO's with real time combat.

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Are there any MMO's with fully real time combat?


I just stopped playing WoW, I got tired of playing whack a mole. Are there any out there that are fully real time, no breaks in combat, just unadulterated action? 

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theres plenty but the first that comes to mind is huxley, wait for that.
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PlanetSide is very old though
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World War II Online, Planetside And Huxley are the only 3 I can think of, and the last isn't out yet.
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If you're looking for fanstasy MMO's that have real combat intead of auto-lock and button mashing then you could try Dungeons and Dragons Online or Age of Conan (out later this year)
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the action in COH/COV is a lot faster than WoW. GW is pretty fast too.
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Dungeons and Dragons Online is the only MMO out with good real time combat.

Age of Conan is coming out later this year. You should check it out. 

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The chronicles of spellborn and Tabula rasa both have real-time combat


TCOS is coming into open beta on the 22nd of April, at least that's the rumor, while TR is in closed beta and scheduled for release in Q3


I played planetside, found it lacking, probably because it's old :p

 BUT, if I remember you can play planetside for free for a pretty long time, so it's all good

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the action in COH/COV is a lot faster than WoW. GW is pretty fast too.Ontain
COH/COV elaborate please?
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yeah I wish there were more of these.
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[QUOTE="Ontain"]the action in COH/COV is a lot faster than WoW. GW is pretty fast too.dj_pulserfan
COH/COV elaborate please?

City of Heros ad City of Villians.

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#13 Posted by FragMonkey09 (1543 posts) -
Eve Online
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Huxley should kick ass
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Eve OnlineFragMonkey09
Heh, thats anything but real time action. I had my joystick all hooked up and got all pumped up to try the 7 day free trial only to find out its everquest in space. There are only a couple out right now, WWII, DnD online, and Planetside, with a few coming out soon. The biggest issue with real time combat and MMO's is server side hit detection or client side hit detection (depending on the game) is a **** due to lag and the amount of players swinging and shooting. I mean, you get a 32 player match going on BF2142 or CS and a few people with really high pings and lagging out it can be a mess, try doing that with a few thousand players. Even 300 players it can be really really awful (planetside client side hit detection.) Turn based combat that 90% of all mmo's use is much more forgiving and a lot less noticible.
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Huxley should kick assStevendawg
Yes, it looks awesome.